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Looking to avoid marathon cleaning sessions that take up your whole day? Having a well organised home can address half of these problems such as tidying up cupboards, shelves and space around the house on a monthly basis. A quick observation of the most organised person in your friends’ circle will show that he/she has specific space allotted to everything in the house and usually keeps things back after using them. Besides trying to imitate this person’s habit of leading an organised life avoid cluttering open areas of the house like tables, chairs and beds with daily use articles likes clothes, accessories, books, files, stationery, loose papers etc. An uncluttered house will reduce tidy up time and will also not make you feel embarrassed about welcoming unannounced guests at home. Here are seven incredible tips by our experts to help you maintain a neat house.

Plan for the future

If you are not a compulsive hoarder then avoid buying extras of everything like some people do for strange reasons. Whenever you make a purchase for the house or for family members take a couple of moments to think about how the object can be used over a period of time by everyone. Furniture pieces and furnishings like stools, cushions, tables, curtains and table lamps can be used in the living room and dining areas when they are new and in other areas of the house when they become faded or lightly worn out.

Creative individuals with interest in sewing can make pillows by reusing the stuffing from old cushions and also make new outfits by removing frayed parts of old clothing. This built in wardrobe with interchangeable shelves makes it easy to store all essentials that would be required by one person and has enough space for future storage as well.

Clear out

Before you start an organised life, clear out all your cupboards, shelves and drawers so that everything can be arranged in a neat manner. You will be surprised by the number of forgotten clothes and accessories that an exercise like this can help you rediscover. After clearing out all the items start arranging everything back in a neat manner with small labels outside the cupboards if there are too many in the house to remember. Try to make a habit of keeping things in an orderly manner instead of just stuffing them so it is easy to find them again. When clearing out spaces that are rarely used like attics and basements you can create space for new things by selling of old stuff for charity simply giving them away.

Start with little things

To give your home a complete overhaul that will reduce stress of cleaning try to concentrate on finding suitable places for little boxes and objects that are not likely to be used on a daily basis. The ability to find storage areas for little things and seeing them clearing out quickly from your work pile will give energy to tackle the large areas. Have small baskets in each room for articles like stationery, books, papers, cosmetics and other small items. Whenever you have time, before sleep or after lunch take a few minutes to keep these things where they belong and if you are not a serious hoarder the house will become clutter free in no time at all. This storage area has everything in neat boxes that can reduce clutter in the bedroom and also help to find things when required.

Sell, give away, donate, throw away

Keep a watch out for charity sales that are held by libraries, schools and social organisations in your neighbourhood and look among your belongings to see if there are things that you can donate to the cause and feel good about it. Search for the closest Salvation Army office or similar agencies online that have offices close by and give away stuff that you do not need. Check your book collection and give away or sell those that someone else can enjoy which will create plenty of storage space in the house. Organise an open air garage sale like this and ask all friends and neighbours to give away stuff that they do not use and someone else would love and appreciate.

Display your collection

If you want to have a clean home with limited clutter then try to avoid hiding your collection over the years in areas like the living room, dining area and kitchen. Open built in wall shelves and cabinets with just a sliding glass door in the garage can be used to organise all these items. People that attach sentimental value to purchases and gifts find it difficult to throw away objects long past their prime. Under these circumstances it is best to have things out in the open so friends or other family members can persuade you into parting with a few things on a regular basis so that non-essentials are soon out of the storage.

Tidy short but often

In a small house where space is a constraint work towards a cleaning plan that can stay short but everything will remain uncluttered. Neatly stacked shelves with essentials and limited furniture can be adjusted in other parts of the house when required and will help to manage it better and will cut down on maintenance time. Give the responsibility of cleaning to other members of the house as well. If you have a weekly schedule for cleaning the house it will reduce accumulation of unnecessary stuff that may take ages to clear up.

Stick to a single colour scheme

Most people know that light pastel colours make a house appear large and spacious and it is advisable to stick to a single colour theme in a home or room. Multiple colours create a sense of visual fragmentation and make the area look cluttered.  Light colours are reflective and make rooms look open and inviting while dark colours absorb light making the room look small. If the rooms lack natural light then use creative lighting fixtures to make it look larger and decorate the area with plants for a soothing atmosphere. White colour when mixed with soft shades of blue, sea green, yellow, pink or pale orange create a vibrant atmosphere and makes the house feel bright from inside as it opens up cluttered spaces. In this house the entire corridor has been painted white along with the doors and windows which make it appear long and spacious when it is combined with natural light reflecting through open windows. 

Want some more tips to keep the house clutter-free then browse through this ideabook.

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