An elegant and classy home in Chandigarh

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An elegant and classy home in Chandigarh

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 Wohnzimmer von CONCEPTIONS, Modern
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This beautiful, classic yet modern home has been designed by Conceptions, who are interior designers and decorators in Panchkulla. This home speaks of royalty and elegance. Every corner of the home is cosy and cheerful at the same time. The choice of colors and the lighting accentuates every part of the home. The use of vivid colors for the sofas and the cushions makes for a very inviting and welcoming space. Warm colors on the wall and beautiful furnishings gives this home a perfectly coordinated and elegant look.

Gorgeous Bedroom with a view

This bedroom is nothing but royal. The colors and the view add drama and magnificence to an already beautiful room. The carpet lends the right touch to bring together the shades used around the room. The false ceiling makes the room look dreamy and cozy. The large chest of drawers against the opposite wall is intricate and classic in design while providing you with storage space. The wooden floors makes this room modern and pleasing.

Warm Sitting Room

The wine red colored sofa makes the room look bright and cheery. The lone off-white sofa against the tall mirrors breaks the monotony of the color and brings in a sense of balance to the room. The antique styled coffee-table fits perfectly in the space and the large artwork of a landscape brings in a sense of class to the room.

Neutral Bedroom

A classic styled bedroom invites you to relax and lounge in a perfect setting. There is a fluidity in the color choice of the beds with their neutral shades and that of the wall. The TV which is embedded in the walls blends seamlessly in the room. The addition of a work space along the wall adds an intersting element. The round center table is both unique and modern in design.

Masculine Bedroom

This room is everything that a guy would want in their space. The slate-grey on the bed blends in perfectly with the wooden walls. The shape of the lamp is dramatic and elegant at the same time. A small work space in the corner of the room brings and ties the room together splendidly. A long mirror on the wall adds height and space to the room, while the black blinds adds the right touch of class and excitement to the room.

A unique bedroom

A beige bedroom is all sophistication with its long drapes and the beautifully intricate artwork on the wall. The artwork acts as a perfect headboard for the king-sized bed.  The night tables are almost at floor height adding an interesting dimension to the design. The addition of chairs in the room gives comfort and a leisurely feel to the room.Keep getting inspired with another home tour.7 ideas to decorate a long rectangular bedroom

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