8 Vastu tips to clean your home of negative energies

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A home filled with positive forces is a happy place to live in. We are always on a look to fill our home with happiness. We usually like to keep objects in our home that attracts positive energy. In the process of attracting positive vibe we ignore that we also require keeping things that has the power to absorb the negativity and negative energy from our life and home. In today’s ideabook we have come up with 8 things that have the power to cleanse our home by absorbing negative energy from the atmosphere. Have a look!

​1. Cat in the house

If you are a pet lover, you probably would agree that they are a bundle of joy and positive vibe. If you have cat as your pet then you are the blessed one. It is believed that the cats have the healing power that takes away all the pains and negative energies from the home and life of the owners. The home environment is filled with positive vibe with cat around. Its purr has the power to bring in the positive vibration. Cat is a living thing, so make it a part of your wonderful family and beautiful family home.

​2. White flowers in the vase

The flowers of any colour will spread fragrance and positive energy in your home. But the white colour flowers, especially the white tulips have the divine power to absorb the negative energy and cleanse the space from any negative vibes. Put the flowers in a vase or pot in your beautiful home. Just remember to change the flowers and water regularly so that it remains fresh and fragrant and your home a happier place to live.

​3. Simple salt

The humble salt is magical. It is used extensively in cleaning the space from any negative energy. Just sprinkling some salt in the corners of the room and leave it there for a few minutes to act. It is believed that salt will attract and absorb the negative energy from the space. Sweep up the salt and wash it under running water to clean your home from any bad omen.

​4. Essential oils for happy health

Oils are the extracts of natural plants and flowers. It has got fresh fragrance and benefits of nature that has the power to absorb and eliminate the negative energies from your mind and body, increasing your health and happiness. Keep the oils in your amazingly beautiful bathrooms and use it after bath.

​5. Aloe Vera

We all know about the medicinal benefits of aloe vera. But maybe we all are not aware of its magical power. Well… Aloe vera is a beautiful decorative plant which has the power to absorb negative energies from the environment and exude fresh air filled with positive vibes. Make it a point to add aloe vera in your fresh and beautiful indoor garden to enjoy its benefits.

​6. Purity of candles

The candles burn to spread light and melt away the negative energy from the space. Light the candles in the evening to burn the negative vibes from your home. If it a fragrant one, then its aroma will fill your home and mind with peace and tranquillity.

​7. Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits, especially oranges and sweet limes have the power to absorb negative energy from its surrounding. Some people insert cloves into the skin of the fruits to further enhance the cleansing process.

​8. Images and statues of Gods

A peaceful pooja space in the home or images and statues of God and Goddess fills the house with positive energies. If faith has the healing power, images of Gods have the power to absorb all the negative energies from our house and negative thoughts from mind and soul. Even if you are an atheist, there is no harm in keeping the images and statues of Gods in your home. Keep it and feel the positive vibes all around.

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