15 iron gates and railings for a more stylish and secure home

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Everyone wants their home to not only be functional and beautiful, but secure and safe as well. That's why it's a good idea to opt for iron gates and railings for your home. However, the design of the iron bars must harmonize with the rest of the house and be inline to your taste and needs. 

Iron bars are resilient and they come in a wide array of designs ranging from classic ones to elaborate, stylish to beautiful. They may be included in interior or exterior windows, gates, doors or balconies to prevent intrusions and accidents. In this book of ideas, we are going to discuss 15 brilliant ideas for iron bars that can make your home look fabulous and feel protected at the same time. Let's check it out shall we? 

1. Iron railings for the stairs

Realizacja ogrodzenia 2, Armet Armet Klassischer Garten Zäune und Sichtschutzwände

One of the main areas of the house that may require the security of iron bars is the entrance. However it is also very important for the stairs, to have a solid railing to hold on to. A safe staircase can prevent accidents. Do consult our professionals at homify for tips on how to integrate iron railings into your house. 

2. Large iron gate

Realizacja ogrodzenia 9, Armet Armet Klassischer Garten Zäune und Sichtschutzwände

The facade of your house speaks volumes about the personality and taste of its inhabitants. Iron gates offer the best of aesthetics and security, and can be integrated with the style and architecture of your home. However, most importantly, it marks the boundary into the street, avoiding any interference with strangers.

3. Small iron gate

Realizacja ogrodzenia 7, Armet Armet Klassischer Garten Zäune und Sichtschutzwände

This iron gate, though smaller in size, also has details that make it safer, for example, sharp points on the top can prevent someone from trying to sneak into your house. 

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4. Straight lines and curves

Realizacja Ogrodzenia 1, Armet Armet Klassischer Garten Zäune und Sichtschutzwände

Iron gates can be placed at various locations in different styles. In this design, we can see straight lines and curves. In terms of security, the bars at the top have been intertwined, while the bottom tapered to prevent the entry of animals or keep the children safe inside the house. This design is ideal to protect the access to the front door, especially if it is made out of wood or glass. 

5. Iron and glass door

Glass doors are pretty and chic, but they're not very secure. The combination of iron and glass is a very necessary one for the safety of your home, especially if it's the main entrance door to your home. Iron and glass doors are interesting as well because they combine the durability of iron with the fragility of glass, creating a decorative and safe iron and glass door. 

6. Iron fencing

Realizacja ogrodzenia 7, Armet Armet Klassischer Garten Zäune und Sichtschutzwände

Iron fencing around the house alternated with brick walls is a great idea to make your home more safe and beautiful. There are a myriad of designs, patterns and styles of iron fencing you can choose from here at homify. 

7. Traditional wrought iron gate and modern iron bars

You can also combine different styles to enrich the decorative appeal of the exteriors of your home. For example, gates with the traditional charm of wrought iron can be accompanied by modern iron bars to create a balanced design. Black, gray and white are the most common colors for these types of designs. However, the iron bars can also be painted over as per the preferences and taste of the residents. 

8. Stainless steel fence

Ogrodzenia tradycyjne, Armet Armet Klassischer Garten Zäune und Sichtschutzwände

If your facade has a beautiful garden at the front of the house then show it off as a part of the decoration, instead of hiding it behind high walls. A stainless steel fence can provide visibility of the garden and provide protection to your home as well. However, ensure you keep the architectural style that characterizes your home, so if your house is modern, a grid of stainless steel in combination with black stone will give a stylish and avant-garde look, as you can see in this picture. 

9. Iron bars for the windows

Ogrodzenia nierdzewne, Armet Armet Minimalistischer Garten Zäune und Sichtschutzwände

Knowing that your house is safe will make you feel reassured and more relaxed at home. In big cities, we must take extra precaution to make sure that the exteriors of the home are secured at strategic points. One of the additional safety measures you can add to your home are iron bars for the windows. 

10. Maintenance of iron bars

homify Moderner Garten Zäune und Sichtschutzwände

Iron is an extremely durable and versatile material that can be used in almost all the diverse styles. The maintenance of iron bars is simple, it can be cleaned with soap and water. When it does get a bit worn out because of the paint,  it is best to remove the paint and repaint it again. 

11. Elegant iron

Ogrodzenia tradycyjne, Armet Armet Klassischer Garten Zäune und Sichtschutzwände

As mentioned in the previous point, iron has an amazing ability to adapt to all types of architectural styles and combine with other materials to create spectacular designs, as you can see in this image.

12. Charming facade

If your house is at street level, it is a good idea to secure windows with iron railings as people on the street can look into your house and may be tempted to break in through the windows. Wrought iron window railings can provide a special and charming look to the facade of the house. You can also combine the wrought iron window railings with other materials like wood, or add decorative details like small lamps and lanterns. 

13. Modern grille

For those who have an affinity for modern designs, the stylish grille pictured here is the most suitable choice for you. This way you are not only protecting your home but also including a sensational and distinctive decorative element, while preventing anyone from intruding into your home.

14. Iron pergola combined with entrance gate

Casa Sorteo Tec No.191, ARQUIPLAN ARQUIPLAN Moderne Häuser

Shapes, patterns and designs can vary, as we can see in this book of ideas. Pictured here, we see a gate with a vertical pattern, allowing sufficient movement of light and fresh air into the home, but keeping it safe from intruders. The gate is combined with a pergola in the same design for extra effect and to give the house more shade. 

15. Authentically stylish

The exterior your house can also include a beautifully designed wrought iron fence as shown here. Not only is it an exceptional decor, but it offers security and peace of mind as well. 

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