10 plants that are perfect for your living room

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No matter how much you’ve changed the design of your interior, the decorations and styles, there might still be something that feels lacking and unsatisfying. Have you considered placing some greenery in your house then? Places with insufficient natural light especially benefit from the addition of plants. They add color and life to the room, with a pleasant scent of freshness. Today, we will be introducing 10 types of plants for your living room. What are you waiting for? Visit the flower shop or flower market this weekend and pick some of your favorite plants!

1. Sansevieria Stuckyi

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If you aren’t very familiar with plants, you might be wondering which kinds are the easiest to grow and manage. We therefore recommend you succulent plants like Stuckyi, also known as the Snake Plants. They don’t require much water but are still strong enough to grow on their own. Stuckyi is also well-known for its air-purifying functions due to its excellent ability in removing strong-smelling chemical formaldehyde. Stuckyi is a luxurious and stylish leaf plant that grows vertically from the flowerpot. Therefore, the selection of the pot is also a crucial factor when decorating the interior.

2. Tropical plants

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Tropical plants have the abilities to create an exotic atmosphere where you will feel refreshed just by looking. Not only do they give you aesthetic eye-candies, they are particularly advantageous to new apartments that have just finished renovating. This is because they can effectively absorb toxic gases from paint and varnish used on walls, plywoods, etc. If you visit a newly remodeled house and the first thing you see are palm plants, you should give the owners of the house some extra credits!

3. Cactus

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Cacti can store a lot of moisture in leaves and stalks to survive areas with low humidity such as the desert. They are cheap, and require minimal care as you only need to water them once a week. Cacti also come in various forms and shapes, so you can select those that match your interior. They are often placed next to electronics like the TV or computer because of their ability to cut off electromagnetic waves. This will keep your appliances in their healthy states!

4. Terrarium plants

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The term terrarium is made up of the latin words Terra (land) and Aritun (small container). Terrarium plants are often placed within an inverted glass bowl. Adopting the principle of water and air circulation, as well as the law of atmospheric pressure, water is absorbed from the roots then discharged into the fine pores of its leaves. Subsequently, water droplets form on the walls of the glass and recycle back to the soil for absorption. Enclosed in the container, opt for plants that have high moisture retention and dry tolerance. Terrariums are usually placed near the windows to give the area a more luxurious and vital look.

5. Bonsai

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Bonsai refers to a form of Japanese art which you grow plants in a container or pot. They resemble the shape of a tree but in smaller sizes. Have some fun by trimming the prunes and roots to the look you desire! The magnificent shapes of bonsai plants add an exquisite charm and depth to the room.

6. Hanging plants

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If there is no room to include plants on the floor or table but you still wish to make a difference in your living room, try hanging plants from the ceiling! This type of gardening technique has recently garnered attention among interior designers as it blends exceptionally well with Scandinavian styles. The minimalist furnitures and indoor garden harmonize with each other and bring out the distinctive character of the room. Hanging plants do not require the use of soils either. They are a kind of ‘tillandsia’, also known as sky plant, which grow by absorbing nutrients from moist and dust in the air through their fine stems.

7. Bamboo

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In Korea, Japan and China, bamboos are well-known plants that grow naturally under temperate climates. They are often planted in pots as they are very fond of water. If you wish to suggest more layer effect to the interior, opt for transparent vases. Bamboo helps regulate humidity indoors and cleans air by blocking electromagnetic waves released from electronic appliances. They are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and practical at the same time.

8. Fortune plants (Dracaena Fragrans)

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Dracaena Fragrans are a type of plants that are believed to bring good luck and fortune. They help remove fine dusts in carpets and carcinogens called triglyroethylene which can cause dizziness if inhaled for a prolonged period. These fortune plants are beneficial to rooms with a lot of fabric or where many people gather.

9. Vertical garden

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Using a similar concept of hanging plants, it is possible to include a small garden by utilizing the surrounding walls of the living room. The variously-sized flowerpots incorporated onto the walls appear as if it is a framed painting. Vertical gardens certainly give the area a touch of vitality.

10. Flowers

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No matter how comfortable or familiar you are with plants, you will have to dedicate a portion of your time and effort managing them. So if you think that you can’t afford to take care of them, or you feel that these green plants still seem lacking in a way, try flowers! Nowadays, you can easily find one-day classes where you learn how to make hand-tied bouquets or leis. It is nice if you wish to adapt your floral decorations to your own taste, and give the interior a more personalized touch.

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