9 ways to improve a home without damaging the building

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9 ways to improve a home without damaging the building

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Having a gorgeous home is at the top of everybody's wish list, but how can you make some serious improvements to your property, without running the risk of damaging the building itself? That's a key question, especially for interior designers in cities such as Edinburgh, where the houses tend to be a little more historical and in need of preservation as appose to modernisation! It's all about those little changes that you can make, so rather than trying to dream up a fantastical way to add a massive contemporary conservatory to the back of your home, come with us now and see which decorating tips and tricks could give you the look you want for less effort! You'll save some serious money, protect your building and have a little more free time, so everybody wins!

1. Invest in atmospheric lighting.

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Instead of calling in the experts to add some skylights and Velux windows to your home, you can start by taking a look at the way your lighting choices are impacting in your interior. A few pendulums, some lamps and maybe even spotlights could get you the look you want for less damage.

2. Focus on the floor.

Every room has a floor, but it's shocking how many people don;t go all out in terms of designs and materials. When you think about how much space they take up, it makes so much sense to really push the boat out and choose something that has extra pizazz. Parquet might be out all-time favourite option!

3. Swap out some interior doors.

If you want to leave your walls alone, but don't like how they look or feel, why not put the sledgehammer down and start by swapping out your internal doors for something like modern sliding doors? They are a fantastic way to totally change the way your home operates and feels.

4. Bling up your blinds.

Window dressings make a lot of difference to any room, especially when you embrace either a little colour or something sumptuous in terms of materials. As the sunlight filters through, every nuance of luxury will be amplified by being shone into your room. Now this is a great way to up the ante with no damage!

5. Add plants and flowers.

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Don't ever underestimate what a HUGE improvement a few well-placed plants and flowers will bring about. We don;t just mean visually either, as they will help to purify and freshen the air, leaving your home feeling ventilated and smelling incredible, while also looking undeniably stylish.

6. Make the splashback stunning.

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If you've gone off the kitchen splashback that you've installed, don't start yanking those tiles off the wall just yet, as you could cause a lot of damage to the original plaster. Instead, why not try a little DIY and see if painting your tiles a different colour will make you fall back in love with them? Fast, simple and cost-effective!

7. Wallpaper makes a big statement.

Before you start thinking that wallpaper isn't a new idea, just wait! We aren't talking about regular paper here, as that always causes damage when removed., Instead, we're talking about paste-the-wall and peel-able varieties that are as easy to install as they are to remove. You could have a new feature wall every week, if you wanted, and leave no damage at all!

8. Go organic outdoors.

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Don;t forget to give any outdoor space that you have a little attention too! If you have a balcony, for example, you need to be extra careful that nothing you do will cause any damage, as that could lead to structural issues. Instead, how about choosing some pretty wooden floor tiles, as seen here, to create a softer and more zen relaxation zone? Dreamy, no?

9. Rugs are key.

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Finally, when all else fails and you don't want to start adding extensions or ripping out walls, take a simple tip and add a few rugs to your home. We're not joking when we tell you that a well-placed and perfectly chosen rug will reinvigorate any room and change the look and feel in an instant. It might be the secret you've been looking for!

For more decorating tips, take a look at this Ideabook: Big home improvements with small changes.

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