6 modern interior ideas to remodel your bedroom

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Thinking of renovating your home but don’t know where to begin? What about starting from the bedroom? When it comes to remodelling, people usually focus all their attention onto the living room – where common activities are held. The bedroom, therefore, is often neglected and never utilized to its maximum capacity. To recreate a room that is more modern, functional and suitable to your needs, we have gathered 6 fantastic interior ideas from professionals to decorate your bedroom. Let’s start getting inspired!

1. Include a walk-in closet

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Practical, brilliant, and essential – yes, we are talking about the walk-in closet. In modern-style bedrooms, walk-in closets are perhaps one of the most noticeable elements. They not only function as a wardrobe, but as additional storage space for the entire house. Note that you don’t necessarily need massive spaces for this to work. In fact, a depth of about 80 cm is enough to create a small but functional walk-in closet.

2. Build a workspace

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If you work mostly at home and would like to have a home office of your own, why not including it in your bedroom? The structure of it may vary depending on the available space. But if you are lucky to have a house with high ceilings, one example would be to build lofted workspace. Or, like in the photo above designed by BURNAZZI FELTRIN ARCHITECTS, you could combine the drawer and work desk as one unit to save space!

3. Create an extra ‘room’

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Is your child growing bigger but you don’t have an extra bedroom in your house? Ever considered building an extra room within your existing one? One way is to use partitions – dividers, cupboards, or screens, to separate one room into two. Another method is to take advantage of high ceilings and build a mezzanine (a second floor), as suggested in the photo by CON3STUDIO.

4. Shower into your bedroom

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If you have no space for a second bathroom, you could consider incorporating a small shower area in your bedroom. It could be a simple shower head or a bathtub, as long as it feels exclusive and luxurious.

5. Adding a second bathroom

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Now that your children are all grown up, everyone is fighting to go use the bathroom all the time. Don’t you just want to get a second bathroom in the house? You can, in fact, easily build an extra one in the bedroom! However, there might be some sacrifices to be made – for example, reducing your sleeping space or getting rid of the walk-in closet. Before you proceed, make sure you consult an architect or expert who would be able to fulfill your needs and optimize your space to the fullest!

6. Customize your furnitures


Finally, an excellent way to remodel your bedroom is by customizing the furnitures that will meet your specific needs. For instance, if you have an open space or studio, you might want to build a bed tall enough to be used as a wardrobe or storage below. We especially love this design by PLANAIR®. What do you think?

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