9 stunning ways to dress your kitchen windows in style

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9 stunning ways to dress your kitchen windows in style

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Steam and grease, well… no matter what, you cannot avoid these two things in kitchen. Good chimneys can take care of steams but with grease there is no option than cleaning it regularly. One thing that often bears the brunt of grease and steam is the kitchen windows. When covering the kitchen windows, efficacy of the cover is important and we take care of that. But then we cannot compromise with the decoration and style of our kitchen. Isn’t it?

Have a look at these 9 amazing and functional window dressers for the kitchen that are adding to the beauty of the kitchen.

​1. Double shutter

The double shutter is quite innovative and has gained immense popularity in the design world. In this modern kitchen the window complements the kitchen. It is small and pristine white as the kitchen. If both the shutters are pushed in the middle it make way for the cross ventilation and this is what exactly we need in a small kitchen where usually there is no room for it or just a single window. Making the window shutters of wood or metal is your personal choice. But we would like to suggest going for metal or synthetic materials that are easy to clean and maintain. Trust us, in kitchen you will have to clean it regularly.

​2. Venetian blind- merging with the design

The Venetian blind of this kitchen just merges with the walls and become a part of it. Like the tiles and the colour of the kitchen, the blind is in two colour combination. Since the window is behind the sink away from the cook top, so the Venetian blind is away from the direct affect of steam and grease. However, cleaning the Venetian blind is simple task.

​3. Side shutter

With the kitchen as beautiful as this, you surely want to be different. Normal is boring! Dress the window with a side shutter. It can be pulled aside to make way for freshness and natural light; still it will hide your kitchen from passing gaze of the world outside.

4. Simple roller blinds

Roller blinds are rolled up or down and give you the freedom to control its height and how much exposure you want in your kitchen. If it is white like here then it will still let in lights even when pulled down and will guard your privacy with elegance.

5. Texture on the window

Plain, vertical and horizontal blinds are great and common too. But why not experiment with texture and material and dress the window differently. Use bamboo or cane and exploit its natural look, feel and texture to make the window look elegant. The texture of natural material is no doubt elegant, but the same can be achieved in synthetic materials too which are long lasting and easy to maintain and clean.

​6. Covering the length and breadth

Cover the length and breadth of the window and it will be a cool respite from long and harsh Indian summer. Along with protecting from bright sun, it will also block the hot wind from coming into your kitchen. You can opt for wooden or rattan blind; it will look great. But again the synthetic one is easy to maintain.

​7. Pull-up, pull-down

Picture frame window with horizontal sliding shutter is a space-savvy idea and fits well in a small kitchen window or is ideal for those who want to give a contemporary look to their kitchen. When open it will be a French window and when down our good old window.

8. Adding colour into the space

Window dresser is not there only to protect you from weather or guard your privacy. It should also be there to add colour to the space and enhance its beauty. A normal kitchen with mosaic tiles and wooden furniture looks differently elegant with coloured blinds on its window. Here it is green; you choose the colour you love the most and match with your kitchen décor.

​9. Window films and tea pots

Thin window films protect the kitchen from unwanted intruders like the insects and birds and still bring the nature right at your floor. But if you further want to decorate and dress the windows at no extra cost, exhibit your prized possession- the collection of crockery there. The crockery may be the tea pots, unbroken coffee mugs, or anything that you use or don’t use but can’t throw it away because of the emotional value and memories attached to them. Give them a place of honour in your kitchen and dress the window in your personal style.

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