44 amazing homes with gardens that will take your breath away

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44 amazing homes with gardens that will take your breath away

Sunita Vellapally Sunita Vellapally
Koloniale Häuser von UAU un'architettura unica Kolonial
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Having a house with a garden may not be as difficult as you think. With the amount that you invest in an ordinary apartment, you can buy a detached house in a rural area or build it yourself. Evaluate the various types of materials and structures to design the house of your dreams. In this ideabook, we have put together images of houses with gardens that will make you want to build your own.

1. A modern country house made of reinforced concrete with sustainable features and a wooden veranda

2. This is a modern house with a garden and terrace decorated with parallel details

3. A magnificent single-storey detached house with stone cladding on the sides and an aluminium-titanium coated sloping roof

See more pictures of beautiful houses with stone cladding.

4. A spacious and convenient two-storey house made of reinforced concrete. It has a beautiful Japanese garden.

5. A fun family house with wooden roof and a manicured garden

6. English country house with mansard roof and red brick coating

Meadway Close Moderne Häuser von XUL Architecture Modern
XUL Architecture

Meadway Close

XUL Architecture

7. A striking modern design in concrete with attractive gardens

Rustikale Häuser von homify Rustikal

8. Stylish Japanese house with a wonderful garden terrace and usable outdoor spaces

9. An elegant home in earth tones with a lovely open-air space

Laurelhurst Carriage House Moderne Häuser von PATH Architecture Modern
PATH Architecture

Laurelhurst Carriage House

PATH Architecture

10. A full-fledged family home with black and white contrast and a large garden

Moderne Häuser von homify Modern

11. A house with a terrace, balcony, patio and garden to enjoy

Objekt 176 / meier architekten von homify Modern

Objekt 176 / meier architekten


12. An ultra-large villa – perfect for those who love gardening

13. Wood, brick and tile elements combine to present attractive architectural features in this rural house

14. Light colours coat this large house with a big garden and an abundance of useful outdoor areas

HAUS FALKENSEE I Landhäuser von Müllers Büro Landhaus
Müllers Büro


Müllers Büro

15. Asian-inspired design in this attractive family house with many outdoor areas

Moderne Häuser von homify Modern

16. A home with a flower and winter garden as well as a carefully planted backyard

17. A large family house with a regular front garden

18. A wonderful family home that combines American and Asiatic features

Klassische Häuser von dwarf Klassisch Holz Holznachbildung

19. A bungalow with attractive landscaping

20. A house with Scandinavian design with minimal exteriors and interiors

Moderne Häuser von homify Modern

21. A house with colonial features and exquisite wood-veneer coating

Haus Strausberg I+II Klassische Häuser von Müllers Büro Klassisch
Müllers Büro

Haus Strausberg I+II

Müllers Büro

22. A modern rustic home with extended roofs in certain areas

23. Ultra-modern family house with a perfect garden

24. A splendid villa with a large glass wall that connects with the outdoors

25. A remarkable two-storey house with prominent architectural features

26. Rustic, romantic and geometric

27. A sophisticated home coated with several materials

28. A simple cubic structure with large windows – spacious and elegant

HAUS PANKOW Moderne Häuser von Müllers Büro Modern
Müllers Büro


Müllers Büro

29. A chic house from top to bottom

30. A family house with dreamy black and white contrast and a stylish three-step wooden terrace

31. Refreshing with perfect location and architecture

Moderne Häuser von homify Modern

32. A garden house that has traditional and contemporary features – it looks like it belongs in a movie

Haus Weißensee Klassische Häuser von Müllers Büro Klassisch
Müllers Büro

Haus Weißensee

Müllers Büro

33. Wood, brick and concrete in the structure and green grass around

34. A well-designed and glamorous mansion

35. A gorgeous mansion decorated with stone and wood, with a poolside for parties

36. A versatile structure that combines modern architecture with a garden

Reforma Integral en la urbanización de la Moraleja Moderne Häuser von ÁBATON Arquitectura Modern
ÁBATON Arquitectura

Reforma Integral en la urbanización de la Moraleja

ÁBATON Arquitectura

37. A cubic structure with modern architecture set in the heart of lush nature

38. A chalet complete with modern amenities

39. Thoroughly elegant!


40. An American-style wooden house painted white

41. A tasteful modern chalet-style home with French windows, views and a backyard.

Haus Woltersdorf Klassische Häuser von Müllers Büro Klassisch
Müllers Büro

Haus Woltersdorf

Müllers Büro

42. An enviable modern structure

43. A two-storey home with a complicated structure in the interiors too

44. A sweeping structure with a combination of stone and concrete

VIO 302 - Terrasse Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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