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7 Cheap and stylish bedside tables for your bedroom

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There are furnitures that are essential in the house, and furnitures that aren’t essential but used as decoration. Bedside tables belong to the category in the latter. Although they’re not a must-have item, they play a huge role in enhancing the room’s aesthetic qualities. 

An alarm clock, a lamp, your favourite book, phone, TV remote control, etc, are all items you wish to keep close to you when you sleep. A bedside table is, therefore, the only practical piece of furniture that will precisely hold your belongings close.

For those who live with a tight budget, we have collected 7 economical and stylish ideas for the perfect bedside table in your bedroom. Are you ready to find out what they are?

1. Invisible bedside table

When you are in need of a bedside table but don’t have a lot of money, originality is the best recipe. One cheap way is to make it disappear! Yes, you heard me right. For instance, you can build a small shelf above your bed to place objects you hold close to. And then assemble these wall lamps to ensure good lighting. If you want to get the best appliances that will suit the style of your room, reach out to a lighting professional!

2. Creative alternatives

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Whether you’re living under a small budget, having space issues, or simply desiring for something non-traditional, you can always opt for a multifunctional furniture! A nice and cheap solution is to use the headboard as a bedside table. Not only can you save space and money, you can also give your bedroom more personality. What do you think?

3. Low ground

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There are many factors that must be taken into account when choosing the most appropriate bedside table. The structure and style of your bedroom play a big role in the decision, along with other aesthetic elements like the bed. If you have a rather low bed frame or mattress, why not use the floor as the bedside table? Isn’t this the most economical solution?

4. Bring back the antiques

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A way to save is to recycle. It’s time to bring your antique furnitures back to life! Hidden in the corner of your garage or your grandparents’ house, you can always transform an old junk into something new and useful. For example, try repainting your grandpa’s old wooden chest and turn into a storage case and bedside table! DIY is very common today in furnishing and home-decor. So if you’re looking for a refined and cheap solution, all you need to do is restore those old furniture!

5. A stool that is more than just a stool

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Furnitures can be very versatile depending on how you perceive them to be. Although they are originally made for a specific purpose, feel free to use your creativity and give them a new role. In this bedroom, you will see two simple stools placed next to the bed as bedside tables. When needed, you can use them as seats again. Just be flexible!

6. Effectiveness of shelves

When it comes to saving money, it is recommended to opt for a minimalist style. The simplicity in design will definitely pay off in terms of practicality and efficiency. Here, simple shelves extending from the walls also serve as bedside tables. It looks elegant, economical and functional. What more could you have asked for?

7. Cardboard boxes

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The materials used to make the bedside table is another critical factor that will affect the price of the furniture. If your budget in mind isn’t quite high, cardboard boxes can be an excellent alternative. Very resistant to breakage, these cardboard boxes are stable enough to hold lamps and other items. Even professional interior designers have recommended this!

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