22 Gardens that your backyard needs right away!

Natasha Kurien Natasha Kurien
Meble ogrodowe i tarasowe z betonu architektonicznego, Modern Line Modern Line Moderner Garten
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At times when the same old simply won't do, it's time to call for a revolution. Not the kinds that fizz out in a couple of days, but the kinds that leave you with a larger than life feeling. The garden is not exempt to the remodeling or revamping of a home. The designs mentioned in this post are peeping past your front gate, with the hope that you let some of them in. 

1. Level up

One way for you to make your garden stand out is via a set up such as this. Make use of elevated spaces by creating a platform. You could mix and match the flowers you choose to grow, or simply go for a single one on each level. 

2. Don't forget the walls

Vines and creepers are effective in creating a garden that is complete in all aspects. A simple set of plants should be enough to make your garden picture perfect. 

3. The path less travelled

A stroll in the park would be incomplete without pathways laden with a lush lawn on either side. With pebbles as a distinguishing factor, you could line the garden with flowers of your favorite kind. 

4. The pool affair

How does your very own pool in the backyard sound? Let the azure lure you into it's throes as it captivates you with each step. Surround it with lush greenery to find yourself amidst tranqulity and beauty.

5. Leave not the railings behind

homify Moderner Garten

When it comes to matters of decking the backyard, make sure you leave no stone unturned. The stone we're referring to, in this case are the railings in your backyard. Creepers or vines are maintenance free and the best option to deck railings with. 

6. A lounge in the backyard

Why would anyone want to shun away a view as stellar as this? Place chairs in your backyard so that you can revel in the beauty that is Mother Nature. 

7. Snake, anyone?

There are far too many options for you to experiment with in the garden. For one, you could add a curvy path in your lawn that you can deck with roses or flowers of your choice. 

8. Pebbles

For matters pertaining to demarcation or division in the backyard, look to the humble white pebble for solace. The contrast of white against an all green background has perks that parks boast of!

9. A pool within a poom

The Pavilion, London, Bowles & Wyer Bowles & Wyer Moderner Garten

This design works exceptionally well if you pay attention to the way it's structured. An oval garden, with a pool of green, engulfs a pool of blue. Surround this with potted plants and flowers and this is simply unbeatable. 

10. Pergolas

There's much you can do with a pergola, particularly if you choose to deck it with creepers, vines and just about anything that will tickle your fancy! Set up some chairs and lamps and you are good to go.

11. A walk down the aisle

Not THAT aisle, but this one instead! With lush greenery to greet you on either side, each step is accompanied be the merriment and elation that comes with a walk in the park. 

12. An outdoor fireplace

What's more warming than an indoor fireplace? An outdoor one! With the warmth that the trees and ambiance provide, there's no doubt that you will be glued to your seat! 

DIY garden ideas, right here at homify!

13. Center piece

Meble ogrodowe i tarasowe z betonu architektonicznego, Modern Line Modern Line Moderner Garten

This garden which is animated by wooden poles boasts of a visual view that none other can. The natural environment that surrounds the concrete floor is exquisite without a doubt. 

14. That view though!

homify Asiatischer Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse

Fill your balcony with the life that comes with potted plants! If you do not have a garden, then you can make one for yourself right in the balcony. 

15. King size living

This next design comes with the hope that it can wow you with it's sheer magnanimity. A small creek in the middle makes this design perfect in every aspect.

16. Which one do you choose?

To really show your collection of plants off, this is the perfect opportunity. You could set all your plants up in the backyard by creating shelves against a wall. 

17. A cozy space

Bushes tend to grow wild, and if we're being honest, wild never really was a bad thing right? It sure would save you the effort of having to trim it on a regular basis.

Small home? Don't worry, you can still afford to squeeze in a garden!

18. Lighted to lighten

Let no wall go un-decorated! Sow a few seeds so that you can reap the many benefits of surrounding yourself with greenery on all four sides. 

19. In control

If you wish to take matters in your own hand, then you can do so with walls to tame the wild bushes that inhabit your backyard. 

Eight times outstanding garden fountains wowed us! 

20. The park bench

Here's where simple really is better. A neat little bench tucked away in a nook that is overseen by bougainvillea and a trimmed lawn. 

For inspiration, take a look at this amazing garden!

21. Wooden platforms

A wooden platform can leave passer's by's wowed by the level of detail you will have attained if you choose a design such as this. Line it with trimmed bushes for a better effect.

On a similar note, you can take inspiration from this garden as well. 

22. Fancy containers

Rather than sticking to the plain old hard and fast rule of having brown pots, you can opt for louder colors such as lilac. Top it off with a nice sprinkle of lilac hued flows! 

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