Indian bachelor apartment - must have items

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Indian bachelor apartment – must have items

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  von Quantum Play
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A retreat for relaxation, the bachelor apartment is a treasure island for most men. A place to express their personality, the bachelor apartment serves as a playground after a long day of work. The typical bachelor pad is designed with a barca lounger, a television, a bookshelf, a coffee table, and a pool or foosball table. It can be fashioned with a minimal style or an eclectic style, depending on your personal taste. 

Conventionally, the bachelor apartment has the reputation of being messy and unorganized. Take a look at this ideabook and organize your bachelor pad in an effortless way.  

The couch

One of the most important elements of a bachelor apartment, the couch serves as a place for you and your friends to hang out. To play video games, watch a couple of movies, or listen to music, the couch is a great addition to your bachelor pad. The sofa can be a single unit or can be a modular unit that transforms into a bed to save space in your home.

The bookshelf

KANTIK white:  Wohnzimmer von PYG®

KANTIK white


Add a hint of exclusivity to your bachelor pad with this contemporary bookshelf. A geometric design, this unique bookshelf is perfect to store your books, magazines, and comics. Designed to rest on the wall, the bookshelf can be placed against a brightly coloured wall for added style. 

Take a look at this book storage ideabook for further inspiration. 

The armchair

 Wohnzimmer von Stouby

Concord High – Thomas Pedersen


A place to unwind with a good book or with a beer, the armchair plays an essential role in the bachelor pad. This armchair, with its excellent hand and back support, is the perfect accompaniment to watch movies or listen to music. You can add a La-Z-Boy recliner or a barcalounger to your bachelor pad to suit your needs. 

The coffee table

 Multimedia-Raum von MEDIUM

A quirky addition to your bachelor pad, this coffee table is sure to spark conversations amongst your friends. A geometric design, this coffee table is crafted in the shape of a fish. The coffee table offers space on the table top for serveware and space at the bottom and sides to display your books, magazines, and comics. In shades of black and beige, the coffee table adds a unique style to your living room.

The work desk

Every bachelor apartment needs a work desk for work and other activities. This work desk, with its minimal design, is space-saving and reduces the clutter in your home. Simple and sleek, the work desk offers space for your laptop or desktop. With a metal chair, the work desk is a functional piece of furniture. 

The pool table

 Multimedia-Raum von Quantum Play
Quantum Play

G4 Glass Pool Table

Quantum Play

A bachelor apartment was created to provide a fun space for bachelors. A necessity in a bachelor pad, the pool table brings you and your friends closer. You can substitute the pool table with a foosball table to suit your needs. An important requirement, the pool table is perfect for unwinding after a long day at work. 

Take a virtual stroll through Pandya & Co. for home decor ideas. 

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