​9 terrible bathroom design ideas

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Everyone has a vision of what they want their bathrooms to look like, but it shouldn't always be about the visuals. If you're planning a bathroom renovation, your first step should involve going back to the basics of avoiding certain design mistakes that could cost you gravely. If you're constructing a bathroom from scratch, then these design mistakes are best left avoided. There are a number of ways in which you can go wrong while building or decorating. Listed below are ideas that you need to avoid when designing bathrooms.

1. Positioning of the sink in the bathroom

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The positioning of the sink in the bathroom is important and must be one of the first elements to be considered when designing the bathroom. Placing it in a corner limits you each time you use it as your elbows are constantly met by the wall.

2. The placement of the tub in the bathroom

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This bathroom goes wrong in just one area which turns out to be quite the deal breaker. It places the tub right by the entrance of the bathroom. This can cause a number of untoward accidents, one of which is definitely a couple of stubbed toes!

3. Making use of a wrong sized mirror in the bathroom

The placement of the mirror is just as important as any other element in the bathroom. The mirror in this bathroom has been placed without proper measurement. As a result, seeing a complete reflection of oneself would involve a lot of crouching and bending.

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4. Misfit bathroom fittings

Minimalist designs do not allow for a great deal of fittings in the bathroom which puts the choice of them in the spotlight. Picking aesthetics over functionality can cause you a grave deal of inconvenience as you might not be able to store your bathroom necessities right where you need them.

5. Not enough natural lighting in the bathroom

Natural lighting is a must in any room and the same applies to the bathroom. Having too small of a window limits the natural light forcing you to rely on external sources of lighting. Opt for a larger window for a better look and feel.

6. Ineffective utilization of space in the bathroom

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The space beneath the sink is a great idea to capitalize on if a storage unit is what you seek. This bathroom lets it go to waste by leaving it to lie by itself. Introducing a couple of cupboards or storage unit will benefit you immensely.

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7. Positioning of the elements in the bathroom

The positioning of the elements in the bathroom if done right can leave you with a stunning bathroom. Get the positioning wrong, and you'll end up in quite the muddle. This bathroom places the toilet right by the entrance which is not such a good design practice.

8. Choosing the wrong sink for the bathroom

The sink for this bathroom is visually stunning, but by the looks of it, it might not be the best fit for this bathroom. The sink does not offer vertical depth which can make it prone to overflows and the like. A deeper sink would be a better choice.

9. Using antique furniture in the bathroom

This piece of furniture is lovely for the bedroom, or living room. For the bathroom, however, it might not be the best fit. The choice of decor in the bathroom is of equal importance as any other room. It's best you consult the professionals to get the elements right.

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