10 great peninsulas for the kitchen

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10 great peninsulas for the kitchen

Vartika Gupta Vartika Gupta
MR & MRS BENNETT'S KITCHEN Moderne Küchen von Diane Berry Kitchens Modern
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Installing a peninsula in the design of our kitchen is synonymous with knowing how to take advantage of spaces. Under this maxim, these additional pieces have become the choice par excellence within the open spaces and something lacking in square meters. The motives? Not only do they make perfect connectors between the kitchen and the living room, but many other times they can assume the function of the dining room itself. Here are the 8 fundamentals of modern kitchen design, that you should know before you plan your kitchen.

Unlike the islands, a peninsula is usually attached to the wall or as an extension of the counter top and even the island itself. This is the reason why it is the small kitchens that most appreciate peninsulas the most. But they are definitely not the only ones! The innumerable advantages of this extra addition have made it a welcome trend within any design, style and size. And to prove it, we have 10 wonderful designs, that demonstrate by themselves, the great virtues of peninsulas. Do not miss them!

Kitchen peninsula acts as one more part of the room

MR & MRS BENNETT'S KITCHEN Moderne Küchen von Diane Berry Kitchens Modern
Diane Berry Kitchens


Diane Berry Kitchens

The concept of open kitchens is a trend. Here two of the most important spaces of the house: the kitchen and the living room are unified. In this task, this additional unit is in charge of visually separating both the rooms. If we have enough space, the main peninsula can be extended to another one to which we can assign a totally different function, in this case, a dining area. This peninsula is an original way to include a piece of furniture that fulfills the same function as an island without having to occupy so much central space.See a kitchen peninsula that separates the kitchen from the living room while serving as a dining table.

A kitchen with peninsula for a bar at home

The idea of extending the working area of the heart of the kitchen to one of its ends is possible thanks to the peninsula. In this image, this additional unit has been attached to the wall to house the cooking area, and thus distribute the work spaces. On the outside, its design becomes a bar that fits perfectly with the symmetry of the decoration, and especially highlights its modern and colorful appearance.

Wide spaces also prefer peninsulas

Choosing a peninsula does not always respond to the need to optimize spaces. In fact, many broad designs opt for it to free up spaces and thereby reduce visual load. As it has been done this image. The wooden details of this kitchen stands out from the rest of the surface, and the appearance given to the rest of the kitchen draws attention. From it a bar is created, perfect to have breakfast, or your customary glass of wine before the end of the day.

Multifunctional peninsula kitchen

Klassische Küchen von dwarf Klassisch

Now, a peninsula can not be denied its ability to save space. And in the absence of a counter top, as we know it, there are designs able to assume their functions so well that they have become their best substitutes. Like the islands, these somewhat smaller pieces of furniture, and are also capable of housing the sink, fire zone and storage area on their surface. An all in one, who will not appreciate the smaller spaces. The one in the image is a work of the Dwarf team. Here are 7 fabulous bars to covet for your kitchen.

A kitchen peninsula serves as the dining room

Handle less Polar white Glamour Moderne Küchen von PTC Kitchens Modern
PTC Kitchens

Handle less Polar white Glamour

PTC Kitchens

If you wish to fit something in small space, then peninsula is the perfect option for you. The peninsulas help us cover spaces that are primarily reserved for the exterior of a room. In this picture on one hand, the area is used for cooking and storing, and on the other hand, an extension of it, becomes the dining room table. A peninsula like this is the perfect amalgamation of simplicity and functionality. If you have a large kitchen, you can always install islands, for they look beautiful and have access from all sides. Here are some inspiring islands for your kitchen.

Game of forms

With peninsulas, you have the option to play with different combinations of geometric shapes to achieve designs such as in this picture. Here, the bar of the peninsula fits perfectly to its rectangular silhouette, forming a parabola at its ends. The result is a low table, so cooking and dining can all go hand in hand, without occupying much space.

Peninsula and nothing else

If simplicity is what you are looking for, the design of this American bar will meet your expectations. It divides spaces and become a support area while you immerse yourself in the task of cooking, or a table on which to prepare and serve breakfast while your have your morning coffee. There is no doubt that the peninsulas of simple structure are big winners when it comes to furnishing smaller kitchens.

Those that are born on an island

Another way of utilizing the design of a peninsula is to integrate it into the island in the form of furniture; It is usually tables, rather than American bars. An unlikely alternative within small kitchens, but a success for those who are more than enough square meters. The peninsula table in this image is made of wood and has been integrated discreetly to the main island. Two clearly differentiated zones, with different functions. See here for 6 ways to separate the living room from the kitchen.

The curves are modern

MR & MRS LAWLESS KITCHEN Moderne Küchen von Diane Berry Kitchens Modern
Diane Berry Kitchens


Diane Berry Kitchens

Beyond its intended purpose as functional furniture, a peninsula can become an important decorative element that attributes a more modern and current image to your kitchen. The key to achieving a unique image for your kitchen is the unconventional design. In this image, we find peninsulas that opt for the curves in the total silhouette of their image. This figure allows them to look not only attached to the wall, but also next to other kitchen furniture, thus adapting their design to the profile of the place where they are supported. 

Countertop and dining room

The design of our latest inspiration uses straight lines and neutral colors to build a functional and elegant peninsula. In this picture, the dining area has been placed on a different level to visually differentiate from the rest of the furniture. The dining area can also be used as a work area in front of the kitchen. Its location encloses the space dedicated to this room.

The design of kitchens is a world full of possibilities. Which peninsula do you like the best?

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