What is the right place for your TV according to Vastu Shastra?

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What is the right place for your TV according to Vastu Shastra?

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In modern Indian homes, the television is one of the most important electronic gadgets. The whole family gathers around it to watch the daily news, a favourite show or a movie over the weekends. In most homes, the television is placed either in the living room or the bedroom. However, did you know that as per Vastu, there is a recommended direction in which the TV should be placed to counter its negative effects and enhance the benefits that it brings of providing education and entertainment to the family?

We’ve put together a list of dos and don’ts that you can follow when you are installing a television in your home.

Living room – avoid the south west

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A TV in the south west corner may break down very often. Additionally, if the television is placed in this direction, the family members are likely to spend too much time watching it instead of socializing with one another.

In the living room

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Ideally, the TV should be installed in the southeast corner of the living room. The north east or the south west directions are best avoided when it comes to placing your TV in the social space in the house so that the positive energies in the room are not blocked.

Living room – stay away from the north east

The north east direction is the most auspicious one in Vastu. This direction is associated with god and piousness. Hence, it should be kept free from any interference, including the TV, so that the positive vibrations are not hindered.

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In the bedroom

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Vastu prescribes the elimination of the television from a bedroom, since its sounds and images can disturb the air of relaxation that is so important in this room. However, in modern homes, having a television in the bedroom is a convenience, so that you can watch it while lying in bed.

Bedroom – south east is best

As far as possible, avoid having a TV in your bedroom. If you absolutely can’t avoid it, then the south east direction is the best place to install it. However, take care to ensure that it is in one side of the room and never in the centre where it reflects the bed.

Bedroom – what to avoid

In the bedroom, you should also keep the volume of the TV low so that it doesn’t disturb the peace or become an irritant in the room. In addition, avoid dust build-up on the television, and keep it clean always.

Remedy for eliminating the negative vibrations from the TV

Many modern homes, especially small apartments have an open-plan design in the social spaces. Therefore, placing the TV in an inauspicious direction cannot be avoided at times. If you face a similar issue in your home, don’t worry! At homify, we bring you a solution to get around this problem.

Vastu pyramids are tools used to bring positive energies such as love and happiness into a home. Place one next to your television to counteract the negative vibrations that come from it. For more help and guidance on Vastu Shastra, you can consult a professional to advise you on the placement of the TV and other electronic devices in your home.

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