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There are a lot of personality test out there and a lot of indicators on which types of taste are better associated with several types of likings. For instance with music, if a person who only lives by rock will not have the same tastes in decoration as a person who loves disco. This is where lies the beauty of mankind because so many different tastes give way to a plethora of inspirations and design styles. Some people are introverts and prefer a calm retreat to their safe haven and others will revel in the hustle and bustle of the most hip neighbourhood. Again it is all a matter of taste and since there are so many various types out there it only makes it better for a person to chose which direction they want to take. There is no such thing as a bad taste, only difference which is the exact situation of this world with different types of animals, plants, foods, climates, music, art and so much more. That is actually what makes this world into a more hospitable place because there is a place for everything and a taste for everyone.

Minimalistic: sofisticated and authentic

For the ones who don't like clutter and overwhelming spaces, the minimalistic approach is best suited. Minimalism implies the saying: less is more, which can be quite convenient for people wishing to invest in a home as a safe haven, a comfortable home without too many visual stimulations. Straight lines and clean cuts are at the core of what minimalism is. Sometimes cubical shapes are the main focus, although sometimes rounded off furniture or designs of a room can also fit in a minimalistic category since the most important element to a minimalist approach is that the lines are fluid, uninterrupted and uncluttered by too many decorative and furnishing objects. Minimalism is often coordinated with a modern style which is in influenced by new styles emerging in the current times. Both of them converge to fluidity and ease of access which is perfectly adapted to people wanting a sophisticated and authentic atmosphere in their home. Elegance has a home with minimalism. To be authentic is to stay true to oneself and that applies to minimalism that offers true yet simple lines and designs.

Eclectic: multi-faceted and creative

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Everyone has an eclectic friend or someone they know that simply shines through the crowd with their originality. For the eclectic type of personality, originality reigns supreme where textures, patterns colours are paramount. The image shown here is a perfect example of nicely coordinating different texture with different design styles. The main themes of this room are those of the animal print wallpaper and blanket that invigorate this bedroom as well as the comfy padded cappuccino coloured wall and the vibrant spring green duvet for the bed. This room breathes vitality and youth which could be well suited for a teenager or a joyous creative mind. There are some classic influences present in this room which can be noticed with the warm wood beams around all corners of this bedroom and the modern computer desk. The key is to mix and match various style for all the eclectics out there.

Country: sincere and loyal

When thinking about a country style home, warm coloured wood is probably the first material that would come to mind. The kitchen shown here is the ideal representation of what a country style home can be made to look like. A style that channels a country design will stick to an organised and cosy setting. The classic look of this kitchen is inviting and it would make any cook want to test out and experiment their culinary skills. The country style caters to sincere and loyal people who take pride in a classic and elegant look like this kitchen picture. The overhead hanging bars with copper pots and pans is wonderfully coordinated with the rest of the warm chestnut tinted design of the room. The is a kitchen isle that stands conveniently in the centre of the room to offer a spacious working space. It is a great organisational tool to have in a country kitchen. With the solid wood kitchen isle, all elements are present to tend toward a country style. Also, it does not have to be of dark tints if one so wishes, it can also be of creamy or other light colour tints since the country style lives with the classic style cupboards and cabinets. It can also be applied to every other room of the home for an inviting atmosphere.

Industrial: dynamic and organised

The industrial style refers to the industrial era of the early 20th century where machines were incorporated into manufactures to increase the production volume. This style is usually centred around straightforward, efficient and dynamic elements. The rough materials such as concrete, steel, metal, glass and sturdy wood are usually prominent when dealing with an industrial feel. This style tends to please organised, work-oriented or simply for vintage lovers. The charm of the rustic elements of this kind of style offers an efficacious and no fuss approach that can be agreeable to someone wishing to jazz up their bachelor pad, their home office space or their art studio. Also the primary colour tones of the industrial style are usually geared towards the tint of machinery used in factories, such as silver or naked steel, dark auburn, copper, chocolate brown, glass and of course warm shades of black. This design has been made possible by Goldstein & Co.

Scandinavian: practical and easy going

The Scandinavian style is synonymous with light coloured wood that procures a calm and restful atmosphere. It is best suited for those who like a serene and inviting environment. The light coloured wood that is unanimously used when opting for a Scandinavian style is a reflection of mankind always searching for a decor that reminds of Nature. Trees and plants are all around, at any place and having a home that points to this major part of life can only bring comfort and pure bliss. After a long day working, coming home to a decor of subtle hues and a peaceful atmosphere can be a great refuge to regroup and rest in preparation for the next day. Only the necessary furniture is used without using too many flashy colours, however having a few dashes of colour in a wood filled apartment can also bring a merry element in the equation. For practical and easy-going people, the room presented in the current picture can serve as an inspiration. The idea is to relate to Nature, to furnish with practical objects and decorate with things that are pleasing and peaceful.

Chabby Chic: tender and romantic

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For the sweet and romantic ones, a comfortable setting is primordial. This means that colour and plush furniture are at the top of the list for the tenderhearted. A home made for enjoying time with loved ones in a setting that promotes a cosy and lively atmosphere is what matters. The living room shown here is a great way to decorate a small space since pictures are hung on the wall that relate to the person who lives there: the frames can be important figures in their life such as inspiring people or family and loved ones. Also, there is room for colours to be added in this area since one black and grey sofa is matched with the vibrant yellow objects of the living room as well as with the lush green potted plant. Other colours like pink, turquoise or orange can also be added into the mix since a tender and romantic person should bring in textures and tints that relate to their tastes. In the end, a comfortable decor is what lies at the centre of a room such as this one where laugh and love reign supreme.

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