A modern transformation of a Cape Town house

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A modern transformation of a Cape Town house

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
von Kunst Architecture & Interiors
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Kitchen and bathroom are used the most throughout the day and need refurbishment once every four years. Either there’s no much oil splattered on the kitchen walls or the tiles of the bathroom are too slippery. You might also get bored of the style because kitchen and bathroom trends change so rapidly. 

And if you are living in an old house and don’t have much money to renovate the entire home, always renovate the kitchen and bathroom because your kitchen equipment might be too old and needs to be replaced. When it comes to the bathroom, well, you need to make sure all electricity lines are in place.

1. Achromatic to all white

Take a look at this boring achromatic bathroom transform into a luxurious all white bathroom. It looks much bigger and the minimalistic touch makes it very modern and contemporary. Wood incorporated in the design adds elegance to it. Such a style never goes out of trend because of its simplistic feel.

2. Before and after of bathroom 2

In the before picture, you can see how clustered the bathroom was and everything was mismatched as well. The bulky sink was totally unrequited while the bathtub was quite small. During the renovation, the home owner went for a bigger sink with modern storage cabinets. The bathtub is a lot bigger now and has a shower too.

3. Vintage to modern contemporary

A vintage kitchen might be every family member’s, so sticking to a contemporary kitchen is the best renovation decision you can make. The kitchen before renovation looks gloomy and isn’t kid safe either.There is a lot more space to move around after the renovation and it looks bigger because of the white color used.

4. Complete transformation

The difference between the before and after photos of this bathroom is so huge that you wouldn’t believe it is the same one. It is a perfect example of how proper arrangement and right selection of materials can make a huge difference. There is a lot of storage space available after renovation and bigger windows welcome more natural light inside. 

If you want to see more before and after ideabooks, click here.

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