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Tricks for cleaning the kitchen in record time

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Many of us love to cook. It’s a great way to nourish yourself and your loved ones, hone new skills, and even exercise your creativity. One part of cooking that’s not so fun, however, is the mess that is almost always left in the wake of a great meal. Time spent cleaning caked on food and oily messes on the counters and polishing up various appliances can take a lot of time, especially when you put cleaning the kitchen off. Dishes pile up in the sink and leaving the leftovers out for too long can even attract bugs. Cleaning the kitchen promptly is important because a messy kitchen will reflect badly on the host when guests come by. It’ll make cooking the next meal more difficult and far less enjoyable. There has got to be a way to avoid spending precious time away from guests and loved ones breaking a sweat cleaning up messes in the kitchen for eternity whilst also being able to enjoy the benefits of a tidy kitchen. Today we’ve compiled a concise list of quick and simple ways to keep the kitchen consistently clean.

Water & soap for daily life

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For starters, it’s a good idea to have some all-purpose cleaning supplies on hand at all times. You should keep these things within reach so that there’s not excuse to ignore the task. Use soap and water to wash sticky, greasy, or germy messes as you go along. For example if you are preparing chicken, it is best to wash the surface with soap and water promptly rather than waiting to do it at some later point in time. As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to clean up after yourself as you go along rather than waiting to attack the entire mess at the end. A good sponge or textured washcloth will be more durable than paper towels. If you don’t like the idea of using antibacterial soap on kitchen surfaces an all-natural option is white vinegar. You can neatly store the soap and sponge in a small container like the one featured in this kitchen by SimpleHuman.

All kinds of cleaning supplies

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Beyond the multipurpose stuff, you are more likely to clean specific areas of the kitchen if you have a good repertoire of cleaning supplies in the kitchen. Keep these items under the sink so they’re nearby when messes happen but not central fixtures in the space. Fill a box with various brushes and scrubbers along with more specialised kitchen cleaners. For instance, you’ll want a stove cleaner, a metal appliance cleaning serum, some oven soap, and a nontoxic cleaner for the fridge. Try not to let the amount of cleaning supplies get too large, though. You want to be aware of the cleaning items you have and familiar with their uses so that you get the most out of having them around. There’s not point in harbouring a cupboard full of supplies when you can’t find the things you need amidst all the obscure cleaning products!

Drop all cutlery in the sink

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On of the more slimy and tedious elements of the kitchen to clean is the cutlery. These items get particularly dirty and require a good amount of care to clean effectively. When in a hurry, start by accumulating your cutlery in the sink. This way it’s out of sight and prepped for you to deal with it when you get the chance. We recommend cleaning the cutlery in bulk by filling the sink with hot, soapy water and allowing the items to soak. It will make cleaning them easier by omitting the need to scrub off messes that have plastered themselves onto the cutlery. Though not quite as necessary in the event that you have a dishwasher, this easy step can also ensure that things are cleaned effectively during the wash cycle. We’ve all had the experience of opening a clean load of dishes only to find some things still have pieces of food caked to them. For this reason, soaking the cutlery is always a useful idea requiring minimal effort on your part.

Wipe the countertops

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Something that will always be a dead giveaway to your guests that the kitchen is a mess is if the countertops are dirty. In fact, we’d wager that this is one of the most essential aspects of cleaning the kitchen no matter how little time you have to do so. Luckily, simply giving them a once-over with your handy all-purpose soap and washcloth will typically do the trick. Feel free to leave some soap to soak for a few minutes on particularly tough spots. Granted, cleaning the countertops requires that you clear them of extra supplies and debris. You’ll be more likely to clean the countertops if you aren’t cluttering them with kitchen items. Therefore, we suggest you keep spices in a spice rack, pots and pans stacked above on shelves, and that you display kitchen décor elsewhere. The counters here surely get a lot of cleaning attention because washing them down is merely a one step process.

Wipe out all oils from stove

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When you have all the basics down and a couple of minutes to spare, take a look at the stove. The stove can gradually become pretty filthy without us noticing it until the mess is overwhelming. That’s why it can take the conscious effort to assess the mess every couple of days at the most. With the help of the stove cleaner you’ve stowed nearby, you can remove the burners, and spray the mess. Leave it for a few minutes and you’ll be able to wipe away the grease and oil with ease. Don’t forget to check the stove dials and the front of the oven as well. While you’re at it, set the oven to the clean setting for good measure. It’s good to take a look at other appliances in the kitchen like the refrigerator, microwave, and coffeemaker, too. Most of these appliances can grow messy overtime, but if you stay vigilant, routine cleaning is a breeze.

Shiny sink!

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Finally, to finish off you’re sparkling kitchen it’s time to pay mind to the sink. With a cleaner meant for metal items, wash down the faucet. From here, empty the water used for soaking the cutlery, finish washing them, and then rinse out the sink basin. You might need to use your sponge to clean away any residue left in the sink. Now, clean out the drain filter by emptying it in the trash. Voila! With a clean sink, doing dishes and washing hands in the future will be much less intimidating without a stack of 2 day-old dishes in the way! Regular cleaning of the faucet will keep it sparkling as good as new, and washing the contents of the sink basin will promote better hygiene in the kitchen overall.

For more tips about cleaning your home in a hurry, check out this guide to making the bedroom decent in 6 minutes. Happy decorating! 

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