15 charming ideas to make a dream kitchen in your beautiful home

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15 charming ideas to make a dream kitchen in your beautiful home

Moderne Küchen von homify Modern
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It’s a dream of every designer and homeowner to have a kitchen that matches the kitchen of their dream. A beautiful, functional, comfortable and stylish kitchen that is too perfect to be real. Is it really possible to have such kitchen? Well… guess what? Today we have come up with 15 amazing ideas to make the kitchen perfect. Follow any of them to feel the transformation. Combine all with your own personal touch and make it your dream kitchen. Have a look!

1. Dazzling under the shine

Nothing can match the shine of natural light. But it is essential to have artificial lighting in the kitchen to make it shine. Apart from its designated function of illuminating the space, the dazzle of lights also enhances the ambience of the kitchen. You don’t need to spend fortunes in brightening the kitchen. You can do it in budget by just replacing the ordinary bulbs with LED lights. They are energy efficient, long lasting and are available in warm, cool and neutral colours. You can also install LED spot lights highlighting the furniture or to increase the aesthetics of the kitchen.

2. Comfy and cozy precious time

Moderne Küchen von homify Modern

Why miss all the actions going on in the social space when you are busy in kitchen? Make the kitchen comfortable for family and friends and everyone will love to gather right in the hot spot for coffee. Round tables are great for conglomeration and sizzling gossips.

​3. Working space

Long island in the kitchen can become the working space for the family. When not cooking, there are various other errands to run. Paying the bills, checking emails, catching up with friends and family, helping with homework… However, if there is no permanent space for island, build a collapsible table and use it. It is a practical idea for small kitchen where it can be lifted or closed as per the need. Show your creativity and design the ‘work station’ for some work or relaxed sessions with family.

​4. Extra space on the wheels

Some extra space on wheel can become your multi-functional furniture in kitchen. Use it as a bar cart or entertaining trolley, or just as some extra space waiting to serve you in kitchen.

​5. Convenience of drawers

Compartmentalised drawers are must-have in kitchen to keep it organized. It save your time and energy and maintain the sanity by holding everything in place exactly the way you wanted it to be. Do your homework before you shop for modular kitchen. Bring home what you exactly need and want in your kitchen. It will make life simpler.

​6. Hang them together

Kitchen 02 Minimalistische Küchen von Happyhomes Minimalistisch Holz Holznachbildung

Kitchen 02


It’s more convenient to hang pots, pans, ladles, and a few of the everyday use utensils so that you don’t have to bend or juggle with rest of the utensils to find what you need. Use your imagination and make it look like a wall decoration. Your creativity will be appreciated.

​7. Challenging corner

Grosvenor | Luxury American Walnut Kitchen Moderne Küchen von Davonport Modern Holz Holznachbildung

Grosvenor | Luxury American Walnut Kitchen


Clever ideas will maximize the space by utilizing even the dead dark spaces beneath the counter. Pull out corner drawers fits perfectly into a corner and make the defunct challenging spot of the kitchen into a beautifully organized space.

​8. Kitchen appliances

A kitchen will definitely not be your dream kitchen without its appliances. Think about all the appliances you have and also the one which you might get in future and make space for all. Don’t forget to install sufficient electrical points and cabinets or shelves to store them. Planning will avoid awkward stacking or littering of the appliances here and there making the kitchen look messy and cluttered.

​9. Hardness of the hardware

Be selective while choosing hardware for the cabinets. Over the period of time it will face the normal wear and tear. Strong and sturdy will last longer. Look for the one made of steel or solid metal with comfortable grip. It will protect you from everyday hassle in the kitchen.

10. Lemony lemon

When you have lemon in the kitchen, be happy. Enjoy the sizzle of its tangy taste and shiny qualities. Squeeze it in your food, make lemonade or use it to make the kitchen shine. A solution of lemon, baking soda and vinegar is a good natural cleaning agent to clean the marble top and tiles. No damage will be done by it and it will shine brighter.

11. Accessories the kitchen

Landhaus Küchen von ZERO9 Landhaus

Have you ever thought of using the kitchen towels, napkins, gloves, aprons, tea towels, etc. to accessorize your kitchen? If not, then get some ideas from here and make your kitchen beautiful with these essential elements of the kitchen.

12. Designated slot for all

Kitchen Moderne Küchen von A2studio Modern



There are many daily needs things that have to be given a slot for smooth running of the kitchen and keeping it organized. Recipe books, pens, papers, keys, the list may be long. Life becomes comfortable if there is a designated slot for all from where you can pick it up and keep it back again.

​13. Beverage junction

Edenbridge Ausgefallene Küchen von Johnny Grey Ausgefallen
Johnny Grey


Johnny Grey

Morning and evening becomes much easier if all your needs are available in a single spot. Hot or cold beverages, glass, cups and mugs, coffee maker, kettle, etc., and then a beautiful cabinet especially designed to make it a one stop junction for everyone in the family.

14. Hide the bin

Moderne Küchen von homify Modern

It’s the most unsightly sight in any kitchen, a bin. No matter how beautiful your kitchen it, the sight of bin snatches away the adoration it deserves. Hide the bin in pull-out drawers especially designed and installed for it.

15. Hangout zone

Gone are the days when kitchens were secluded room confined for ‘cooking only room’. Modern homemakers have brought the kitchen right into social area of the home. Make your kitchen fun-filled, welcoming and enticing space where family would love to gather for comfort, relaxation and ‘together time’.

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