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There are a lot of contemporary homes out there, all designed by inspired architects, but we wanted to show you one today that has mastered the art of cohesive design on a far more cellular level than most. Looking every inch as contemporary on the inside as from the street, this unusual interpretation of a family home has absolutely blown us away and we think you'l be similarly impressed as well. If nothing else, the garden will most certainly give you some new and exciting ideas to copy, so let's take a look!

A striking facade.

Angular, perfectly lit and a masterpiece in concrete, this facade really says a lot, without shouting, don't you agree? We LOVE the integrated carport and the subtle mix of white and gray tones.

A divine dining room.

WOW! Excessively rich natural wood is the best contrast for glossy marble and bright white walls, but add in some golden metallic elements and suddenly, there is a real mix of understated and opulent finishes. Adding a large plant or two has really helped to create a tropical ambience as well.

The center of the home.

The kitchen is the heart of every home and this one has a throbbing pulse! Eclectic in terms of patterns and materials, the overall feeling is crisp, sharp and exceptionally welcoming. The breakfast bar, in particular, exudes a friendly vibe.

Creative use of color.

Of course, in a modern home, it's important for creativity and self-expression to play a big part in the finished look of the interior design scheme and we always think that bright or unusual colors should be involved. Just look at the way this deep teal armchair really grabs all the attention, without needing to be over the top or grandiose. 

Piquant pattern work.

Fabulous use of color is one thing, but how about this amazing feature wall? Choosing to accessorize certain light-filled areas of this modern home with spectacular patterns was inspired and really helps to add in some flair that can't be found in just any old space.

Light-infused spaces.

Speaking of light, we HAD to show you this beautiful corridor, complete with skylights and a sleek home office area! It's definitely an unusual choice, to place a focused work area in an open space, but with so much sunlight flowing in, it actually makes a lot of sense. Just look at how rich the flooring looks too! Is there anything 'standard' in this home?

A bathroom with added luxury.

If you were thinking that maybe the bathroom would be a little more understated and simple, think again! If anything, it's even MORE luxurious than every other room, with great swathes of marble everywhere and frosted glass that simply oozes charm and style. The color scheme is simply something else and adds a genuine warmth that contemporary design can sometimes lack.

Gorgeous garden walkways.

It comes to something when simple areas, such as garden paths, can look so incredibly beautiful and well thought out. Glittering stone chips make for a terrifically neat finish, clever lighting keeps everything dazzling and usable and the choice of large evergreens really adds in a touch of organic charm.

Textural finishes.

The outside of this incredible home was definitely worth a second look, as the mix of materials used are utterly incredible, not to mention unexpected! The way textural concrete and sleek striated wood work together is unprecedented and yet, somehow, so utterly right! Modern materials have made for a retro vibe and it all just comes together perfectly.

Dramatic finishing touches.

Just when you think there's nothing else to see, this house throws in one last shock, in the form of very well executed landscaping and an amazing screen design. There's simply nothing uninspired about any aspect of this home. Just as the garden is a showcase of stark lines and interesting flora, the interior offers up consistently evolving motifs and we love the overall impact.

For more modern home inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: A Zen modern home.

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