6 pictures of wooden pooja rooms for Indian homes

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6 pictures of wooden pooja rooms for Indian homes

von Sandarbh Design Studio Ausgefallen
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Since centuries wood has been vastly used for the construction of Hindu temples across the country. May be because of its versatility or may be because it was easy to carve intricate carvings on it for which Hindu temples are famous for. Modern homes too prefer to have wooden temples. May be for the same reasons as above or may be because its simplicity and charm brings in warmth and elegance into the pooja room. Today we have brought for you a few amazing pooja rooms made of wood. Have a look and get inspired!

​1. As pure as the nature

It’s common to have Tulsi planter in the courtyard of Indian homes. If the space allowed, then mandir too was traditionally built in the courtyard amidst nature and natural surroundings. And if the temple is as beautiful as this then it becomes a perfect place to meditate too. Intricate carvings on the wooden door and a simple wooden stand that holds the beautiful wooden statue of the Lord; even the path connecting the temple to the home is covered of wooden pergola. You can’t miss the two pillars guarding the mandir door.

​2. In sync with the space

This space dominated by wood, still the wooden temple at the end stand apart just because of its simplicity and elegance. The golden touch on the roof and bottom of the wooden temple makes it alive.

​3. A long pooja unit

Asiatische Esszimmer von homify Asiatisch

Long wall of dark wooden panel and delicate carvings on the door that opens to blissful eternity; it’s serene. This pooja unit also separates the integrated space stylishly.

​4. Traditional temple

Rustikaler Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus von homify Rustikal

Retaining the charm of the bygone era, this beautifully designed wall unit is made in the shape of a traditional temple. The room might be used for different purpose but the charm of this temple will make it remembered as pooja room.

​5. Temple in the corner

Moderner Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus von homify Modern

Once again… the delicate carving of this pooja room is mesmerizing. Drawer beneath creates space for pooja essentials. Complete with bells and lamps, it’s a simple and chic pooja room within a room.

​6. Elegance of wood and glass

Klassische Esszimmer von homify Klassisch

Tuck in a corner, the L-shaped wooden wall guards the sanctity of the space and provides the much needed privacy for the rendezvous with God. The combination of wood, white and glass is perfect.

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