9 images of iron gates for Indian homes

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9 images of iron gates for Indian homes

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The presence of strong iron gates spreads a sense of security around it. It acts as a barrier not only for intruders but also from stray animals which is so common sight on Indian streets. Having an exterior gate especially if it is an independent house is a necessity. Why not design the gates aesthetically to match the elegance of the home? Today we have come up with 9 amazing pictures of iron gates standing strong protecting your family and home. Apart from diligently fulfilling its duty, these gates are also there to enhance the splendour of the homes. Have a look!

1. Engraved gate

You can never go wrong with the classic combination of black and white. Wooden planks are firmly fixed on the iron frame and tightened by nuts and bolts. A beautiful crafted design of wrought iron fixed on the hole of the gate is enhancing its beauty.

​2. Teaming it right

The smart combination of panels and rods creates a perfect balance between sturdiness and privacy. Wooden colour used on the gate gives an impression of wood but actually its strong iron panels painted to protect it from harsh effects of climate.

​3. Sliding gate

Like the sliding door, sliding exterior gate also saves on lots of space. The gate here is in two parts, the large one slide to open for vehicles and small one swings for the pedestrians.

​4. Complementing beauty

Creativity is unbounded and knows no rules. Take some ideas from here and amalgamate the materials and your imagination into a beautiful craftsmanship.

5. Grandeur exemplified

Design the gates to match the grandeur of the home. Make it strong and sturdy with the choice of metal used to make it. What can be more magnificent than iron gates standing strong right outside your home?

​6. Functionally strong

Broad panels of metal horizontally stack up one over the other with a slim blank space towards the top acts like the magic eyes to check when the bell rings. It’s quite practical design for the family with small children.

​7. Solid with blocks

Heavy solid gate with square shaped openings is an innovative design and quite attractive too. The opening on the side raises curiosity to peep without opening the gates.

​8. Extra protection

Horizontal panels with vertical lines create an interesting pattern with some extra height and protection for the home. The stone wall between the small and big gates breaks the monotony and adds some extra beauty into the space.

​9. Less is elegant

Simplicity in design creates more ripple than extravagance. The minimalist design of this simple gate created by a combination of horizontal and vertical iron rods is strong and stunningly beautiful.

For more ideas for exterior gate of your home, visit: 15 pictures of exterior gates for your house

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