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10 small staircases in Indian homes

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The amazing fact about modern architecture is that it gives equal importance and attention to even the staircase which earlier was just a structure connecting the two floors of the house. It’s a step ahead now. Apart from doing its primary function, staircase in today’s home is a beautiful sculpture which rises from the ground to reach above. In its attempt to connect the two floors, it makes the home come alive. Have a look at some of the beautiful staircase. Though small and narrow, but it’s not mundane. It’s something extraordinarily beautiful.

​1. Twirling up and down

This beautiful wooden staircase takes a leisure twist and turns to join the different floors of the house. The staircase is assisting in enhancing the décor of the home dominated by wood in its interior.

​2. Floating waves

Arty wall on the background and stairs that will make you float in air with every steps you take; it’s a beautiful expression that merges with the atmosphere.

​3. Traditionally wooden white

Long metal wire seems like holding the stairs made of wood with white under stairs cupboards built to utilize the space and add to its beauty. The combination of white, wood and metal is perfect to create a youthful ambiance.

​4. Stairways library

It’s a perfect use of ‘below the stairs’ space for the family of book lovers! The transparency of glass railing, wooden steps and book with coffee; it will become a beloved hanging spot for the family.

​5. Stairways to heaven

The warmth of wooden stairways has a calming effect in the space. Rising from white marble floor and taking you up to a soothing green and white décor, it will be a climb to remember.

6. Smart storage

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Breezy boxes following the steps up and down are a smart storage solution and a smart way to boost the beauty and importance of stairways of the house. All eyes will surely be here admiring the beauty of the humble stairways.

​7. Sculptured stairways

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Narrow steps, stone wall, wooden bars for extra protection, small drawers, diyas and vase for decoration; it’s more like a fascinating sculpture decorating the home than an unpretentious stairways connecting the floors.

​8. Hanging stairs

It’s a fashionable stairs to step on and flaunt to your friends and guest. The spiral stairways hang in the air twirling with the space while going up and down in style. Wood, metal and stones are complementing the elegance the each other.

​9. Traditionally modern

Zigzagging its way up and down, this stairway is quite modern in its approach and design and yet has retained the old world charm with stone on the steps and iron bars on the handrail.

​10. At its creative best

Clean cut of the stairs and artistic approach of utilization of the space below the stairs is making it a beautiful arty stairway, thus making a valuable contribution in home décor.

For more amazing ideas of stairways for your beautiful home, visit: 25 modern and elegant staircases for your beautiful home

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