Modern, spectacular and full of sunshine: The perfect Ahmedabad home

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Single Family House, Blocher Blocher India Pvt. Ltd. Blocher Blocher India Pvt. Ltd. Moderne Häuser
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This single family house designed by Blocher Blocher India Pvt. Ltd.architects in Ahmedabad, is a spectacular sight to look at. The overall design is modern with an industrial style finish. The elevation from the outside looks stunning. Only concrete and glass have been used throughout the house to maintain consistency.

Spectacular elevation

The front yard of the home is quite stunning. There is a beautiful tropical garden on the side and lush green grass. There is also a smaller lawn on the step above in order to make it accessible through the home. The elevation is quite unique. Stairs lead up to the home form the side, which is unusual since most homes have an entrance on the ground floor.

​Beautiful exteriors

The exteriors are simple, bur classy. Since only concrete has been used through the home, it is interesting to see how a stunning effect has been created with just that. The designers have used sufficient lighting and create a green home by ensuring plants and shrubs are planted in the periphery of the house. 

​Smart elevation

This angle of the elevation is a look at how the layout of the entire home has been designed. The double elevation on this side has been separated with a black metal grill. There are steps leading up to the house on this side as well.

​A view from the inside

This view from the inside shows us the garden. The garden has been planned with just as much care as the rest of the house. A set of steps leads up to another level of the garden and a subsequent set of steps lead up to the next level. This level of planning has left us impressed.

​Contemporary and industrial style finish

The industrial style wall in the living area is beautiful. It features some stunning artwork and potted plants. One side of the hall is home to a beautiful window with a metallic shutter. This shutter is designed in order to let all the light come in. This allows the entire place to be infused by sunlight throughout the day. This is the perfect spot to soak in the sun.

​Sunshine and sparkle

Another angle of the eclectic living room shows us that the views out of the apartment are stunning. Comfortable furniture is spread throughout the room. Leather armchairs, leather pouffes, beautiful centre tables and centrepieces are spread throughout the home.

​Unique design ideas

The view outside shows the green gardens that have been designed carefully. The plants have been tended to with care in order to create these stunning views. The little things in the home are the décor items that have been picked carefully to populate this space. The little hanging lamp, the cane chair and the small stone idols are all placed perfectly.

​A modern kitchen

The kitchen is decorated with the same elegance as the rest of the house. It is simple and decorated with monochrome shades. The appliance wall is black, while the rest of the kitchen is white. This contrast is beautiful. Take a look at another amazing house - A modern home with unique décor in Indore

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