Luxurious home with pleasant interiors in Surat

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Luxurious home with pleasant interiors in Surat

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Moderne Wohnzimmer von SPACCE INTERIORS Modern
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A home that speaks through their design and form always reach out better to the people. Here, this home seems luxurious and grand thanks to the largeand open spaces that are defining factor in every part of the house. The interior architects of ExpressionExpression, Surat have created a spectacular space byrespecting the natural flow of energy in the rooms and the area provided. Using modern elements and accents, the design is contemporary and beautiful.

Beautiful Living Room

Nothing says elegance like creams, whites and gold. While it is truly an art to combine these tones in the best way possible, the architects have put together this look quite well. Large sofas, drapes extending from the ceiling to the floor seem to make the room look even bigger.

Interesting use of colours in the living room

Adding a splash of colour in a room that is essentially focussed on a lighter palette is always a wonderful idea. This not only breaks the pattern but brightens up the room as well.

Luxurious entertainment room

The large screen added to the living room has converted a good living room into a spectacular room with multiple uses. While you entertain, roll the screen away and expose the lovely design on the accent wall and relax with family to catch up on the latest movies too.

Royal dining room

This lovely space for meals is large and spacious making mealtimes fun, engaging and happy. With enough space to feed several people, space makes it easy to host parties for more than just a few. There is enough moving space and more!

Gorgeous furniture

Beautiful spaces are accentuated by the use of interesting furniture that not only matches the colours but also the overall design of the house.

Pleasing bedroom

This space and its beauty are enhanced by the open spaces available around the room. The sole luxurious bed in the room leaves you wanting to relax in its comfort.

Reading nook

By creating a small seating area within a bedroom, you can allow for some relaxing times with a book or a friend!

Stunning bedroom

This bedroom also has its own charm and part of it comes from the comfortable sofa added to one of the corners of the room.

Bright bedroom

This otherwise simple and modest looking bedroom has been converted into a chirpier space thanks to the infusion of colour through the drapes and the small accents around the room.

Spacious bathrooms

The lovely alcoves outside the bathroom work as storage units or closet space. The bathrooms look spacious and lovely. The choice of tiles and the colour keeps with the theme of the rest of the house.

Large kitchen

This lovely large kitchen will be a pleasure to work in. The look is extremely modern and contemporary thanks to the white cabinets all around the kitchen.Keep getting inspired with another home tour.15 Creative headboard designs for your bedroom.

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