8 ways to incorporate a TV in the dining room

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8 ways to incorporate a TV in the dining room

Asha Bogenfuerst Asha Bogenfuerst
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One of the perks of eating at home is that you get to do whatever you want while eating, and this includes watching TV. Many modern homes these days incorporate TVs into their dining rooms to make their experience of eating at home more pleasurable. There are several ways to do this, and today we will guide you through some tips. We have compiled some pictures from local interior designers in India for your reference. There are also some links and tags included which you can follow for more information and ideas. We hope you will be inspired to try out some of these ideas in your own home. Enjoy! 

1. Combine the living room and the dining room

If you have a small home, it doesn't really make sense to have one TV in the living room and one TV in the dining room, and it would a complete waste. It would also probably be more annoying than pleasurable. The best thing to do is to combine the living room with dining room so that the TV in the living room can also be watched by people sitting in the dining room. 

2. Keep it simple

Make sure there are no obstructions in the way of the TV from the dining room. Also ensure that the sofa is much lower than the dining table and dining chairs so that you get a clear view of the TV from the dining room. For more inspiration, please refer to our article titled 10 pictures of homes combining dining hall and living room.

3. Round dining table

If you have a spacious dining room, a round dining table in the middle of the room works best for watching TV. This way everyone at the table can have a good view of the TV. With square or rectangular dining tables, the seating position is not ideal. For more information, please also read which table to choose for your dining room or kitchen.

4. A new arrangement

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Sometimes all you need is a new arrangement of the dining table and chairs. For example, if you plan to place the TV on the wall, then it's best to push the dining table against the wall and arrange the chairs so that everyone at the table can have an unobstructed view of the TV. 

5. Curtains!

Moderne Esszimmer von homify Modern

If you have large windows or a glass door in the dining room, you may want to consider covering it up with thick curtains or blinds in order to prevent the glare from the sun hitting the TV screen and making it hard to see. Here are 5 tips for buying curtains.

6. Oval dining table

Another shape that works well for diners who like to watch TV is an oval dining table. This shape also fits in better in smaller dining rooms compared to round dining tables, which tend to take up more space. For more inspiration, check out six exclusive dining table designs full of surprise.

7. Comfy chair

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For couples or singles who love to take their time with their food and watch TV, we highly recommend a comfy diner chair like the one pictured here. It can also add a unique style to your home. 

We hope you've enjoyed the tips here. For more ideas like these, have a look at modern dining room ideas.

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