​The Puchong home full of eclectic inspiration

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​The Puchong home full of eclectic inspiration

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
 Esszimmer von Hatch Interior Studio Sdn Bhd,
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Puchong-based interior design firm Hatch Interior Studio SDN BHD is the newest professional team showcased on homify 360°. Today, this family home of their (styled up in the eye-catching eclectic design) is ripe and ready to provide buckets of wow-worthy inspiration.

Let’s get inspired!

A backyard beauty

Contrary to our usual homify 360° discoveries, which usually kick off in the kitchens or living rooms, this one immediately takes us to the back yard. But after seeing that swimming pool, sensational lighting glows, exquisite water features, lush garden, quaint little porch and overall tranquil ambience, can you really blame us?

An open-plan delight

We move on to the interiors, where this open-plan delight (which seamlessly combines the dining- and living area) takes our breaths away. Notice how both areas, although they share a space, are subtly distinguished from one another via their individual colour palettes and designs – while the dining area flaunts a decidedly classic/traditional look, the living area opted for a more modern style.

A dream sleeping (and working) space

How often do we get to see a main suite with such a dedicated little working area? Best of all is that it doesn’t impact on the bedroom’s tranquillity – that informal little office spot enjoys its own little look and separate legroom, allowing the bedroom side of this open-plan room to remain perfectly calm, inviting and alluring.

A more formal working space

But sometimes one really needs to hunker down and focus on deadlines, and for those times one requires a more formal office / study. Well then, how about this traditional-styled space, complete with leather furniture (we love that Chesterfield sofa!), classic rug, professional-looking desk, and bold colour scheme? 

Let’s see what else this inspiring family home has in store, shall we?

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