What should I know before choosing garage doors for my home?

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What should I know before choosing garage doors for my home?

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Most home owners think of a garage as a functional element. Therefore, they tend to neglect the significance of the contribution that garage doors make to the overall appearance of the home’s façade. If the garage door is in the front of a house, it’s vital that it blends with the overall design and enhances the curb appeal of the home. When choosing a door for the garage, one should be aware of the various types available as well as garage door prices and installation methods, especially of one has plans to undertake a DIY project to keep costs low. We’ve put together these tips to help make the decision easy.

What are the various types of garage doors?

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In general, there are four styles of doors that one commonly sees in garages.

Swing out or carriage-style doors

These are the most basic of garage doors. They have hinges and open and close just like regular doors do. One can opt for single or double doors. Swing out doors are ideal for classic or colonial style houses as they blend with the overall design theme of the façade. The price of these doors can vary depending on the material one uses. Additionally, attaching motorized systems to open and close the door using a remote control will add to the cost.

Swing-up garage doors

For those who prefer a more modern design for their garage doors, a swing-up one is a better option. They can suit almost any style of home as one can design them to resemble carriage doors. However, bear in mind that since these doors swing outward, they need sufficient area in front to open and shut. Therefore, they might not be suitable for every home. Like swing out doors, one can install motors for operating swing-up doors.

Roll-up garage doors

This style is similar to the rolling shutters one sees over store doors and windows. They roll up or down to allow the car to move in and out of the garage. This type of garage door can also work with motorization. Due to the nature of its design, metal is the primary material in these doors.

Sliding garage doors

This type of door is just like the glass sliding ones that one uses to connect to outdoor areas such as patios or yards. The difference is that they are solid – usually made of wood or steel. They can be regular sliding doors or bifold ones.

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How do I pick the right style of garage doors?

If the garage is a part of the house’s façade, then it’s vital that its style should match the overall design of the house. Nowadays, it’s easy to achieve this by creating faux-classic doors for the garage to resemble wood by crafting them out of WPC or fiberglass. Consulting an architect or interior designer will help in making the right choice by customizing the style of the door, if necessary to match the front door designs.

What material is best for garage doors?

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One can choose from a range of materials for garage doors, depending on one’s budget.


For a classic-style home, nothing beats wood to add to the charm of the façade. However, using wood for garage doors comes with some disadvantages. Firstly, it’s more expensive than other materials. Secondly, garage doors need to withstand the natural elements, but wood tends to warp or swell when exposed to heat and humidity. Therefore, it will require significant maintenance to keep it looking fresh. Additionally, one should keep in mind that wooden door designs for the garage work best for smaller doors as wood as a material is heavy and will require a more powerful motor to raise the door automatically, adding to the costs in the process.

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC)

A cheaper alternative to wood, WPC is easy to work with and looks identical to its natural counterpart. They are an excellent choice for large doors that can otherwise work out quite expensive to craft. As a lighter material than wood, WPC is far more suitable than wood for large doors.


From the security perspective, steel is the best choice for doors in the garage, especially when they comprise a double layer of galvanized steel. However, the material is prone to rusting and denting. While one can handle the issue of rust by getting a fiberglass overlay on the steel, it will add to the cost.


Since the material is light compared to wood and steel, aluminium is an excellent alternative for extra-wide garage door sizes. However, aluminium doors are not as strong as steel or wood ones. While one can use sturdier dent-resistant aluminium panels, these can considerably escalate the costs.


The reason that fiberglass is popular for doors of garages is that they come in a variety of finishes, including those that resemble wood. Customization is relatively easy too. However, the material is prone to yellowing and cracking over time due to exposure to the cold, which means one will need to spend extra on garage doors repair and maintenance. Therefore, while it’s ideal for coastal areas such as Mumbai or Chennai, one should avoid using them in cold area such as the hills or in northern Indian cities that experience extreme temperatures.

How important is insulation for garage doors?

Although manufacturers list insulation as one of the features of garage doors, it is not of primary importance for a garage unless one uses the space as an extra room in the house. Since the car is in the garage, insulation can cause the trapping of fumes and chemicals from the fuel within the area, posing a health risk. Instead, it’s wise to save money by insulating the wall of the house that connects to the garage.

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What are the types of motorised garage door openers?

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Controlling the door of the garage with a remote increases safety and accessibility as one doesn’t need to get out of the vehicle to open the door. Among the alternatives for motorising garage doors are belt drives, chain drives, screw drives, direct drives, carriage door openers and smart openers that can be controlled with a mobile phone. Unless one is a technical expert, it’s best to consult an expert to get advice on which of these are the best suited for your house. Otherwise, picking the wrong type of mechanism might result in a door that doesn’t work efficiently or takes up too much space in the garage, reducing the area available for storage.

How much do garage doors cost in India?

The prices of doors for the garage can vary significantly based on the type of material used, the style of the door as well as the opener system one prefers. One can get a basic aluminium door with a motor for around INR 25,000, whereas the price of a galvanized steel one in the same dimensions can go up to around INR 90,000. With customization, the cost can escalate to around INR 1.5 lakhs for the garage door. Based on one’s budget, it’s advisable to consult an interior designer or architect to explore all the available options and prices before deciding whether one needs a motorized door or can manage with a manually operated one.

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