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homify Moderne Häuser
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White is the colour of choice for any good architect or interior designer. Not only does white provide the ultimate in flexibility for an interior to be designed around but it can also enhance any form of architecture, décor style or room. And lets not underappreciate the fact that white is a beautiful colour in its own right. 

The home we are featuring in this Ideabook offers some of the best and inventive uses of the colour that we've seen. Every single room in the home uses white as a feature in some way and is something to be inspired by. 

Scroll down to this home in all its glory…

Picture perfect

homify Moderne Häuser

Set on a sprawling acreage, the new home possess an intriguing mix of traditional and modern elements. The pitched roof stands out most of all for its rural qualities whilst, below. the full-length windows mark the look of a modern build. 

Formed as an extension to the main building is a decking that hosts an array of outdoor furniture. Right beside the decking is a shallow pond that runs an amazing 15 metres in length. 


homify Moderne Wohnzimmer

In many circumstances, the way we use white in modern homes would have been considered almost laughable in the past. White working surfaces in the kitchen, white-coated flooring and even all-white homes have become prominent in recent years.

White-on-white is the theme inside this living room, with almost every surface or piece of furniture being made up of white. Providing comfort to those relaxing is the leather L-shape sofa, which encloses the area in an intimate fashion. The focal point of the room is clearly the wall of cabinets, with their seamless design, integrated shelving and mounted television. 

Classic dining

homify Moderne Küchen

Behind the other side of the wall of cabinets in the living room is the shared kitchen and dining area. There's a tangible lightness to the space thanks to the generous-sized window that allows the sunshine to enter at will. 

The pieces of furniture you can see here are bespoke and hand-picked by the client, who also has a particular taste for contemporary pieces. It's clear to see that both the client and the experts have a keen eye for detail, with the dining room epitomising what we would consider good design. 

In the limelight

homify Moderner Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus

White walls, high ceilings and modern skylights ensure the landing on the upper level is light and bright. We love how the neutral colour scheme allows for pieces of stylish items to take the limelight, such as the orb-shaped hanging light

What we love most about this space is how the farmland can be appreciated thanks to the well-placed window. As the owner walks through the landing they can pause and enjoy the views on offer. 


homify Moderner Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus

A staircase has always been an outlet for craftsmen to show off the best in their trade. This staircase combines the skills of both timber and metalwork in its intricate design. Despite its floating design, there's a sense of strength and sturdiness to the design. 

The minimalist metal balustrades ensure the area looks and feels open by allowing all of the natural light from the large front windows to filter into every part of the space.

Embracing the location

homify Moderne Wohnzimmer

Our concluding image is from the living room again but this time we are facing towards the green, open fields of the home's acreage. We are able to fully embrace the rural location thanks to those full-length windows that offer uninterrupted views. Thanks to the secluded location these windows will never need blinds or curtains.  

All in all, this edgy and modern home has really opened our eyes to the way white can be used to great effect in any room or space.

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