Home additions from master architects in Johannesburg

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Home additions from master architects in Johannesburg

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 Einfamilienhaus von A4AC Architects,
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When getting down into the core of design and creating your very own home or commercial building for that matter, who better to do so than professionals you can trust? A4AC Architects are based in the heart of Johannesburg and specialize in creating unique designs that owners can be proud of.

This young, vibrant company have grown and gained much experience, now offering specilised services that include architect design, and containers. Container spaces not only offer a great way to re-use material but are also an effective means to contribute to an eco-friendly practice and lifestyle. What sets A4AC Architects aside from the rest is that they offer a hands-on approach to all projects they undertake.

If you need the help of a professional architect to complete your project, why not check out the list in homify today!

Creating function with space

This project of house addition located in Centurion. A4AC specialists used the minimum space available and transformed this living area into a functional dining and entertaining space.

Creating depth

If you can use your passageways effectively to open up the space in such a manner that you create depth, then you’re on your way to an excellent interior. Look how these skilled architects worked a sense of depth adding flow and a natural merging of these spaces.

Clever use of under stairs space

A4AC maximizes the use of space by turning the under stairs corner into a proper wine storage section. It’s accessible and great to look at!

Entertain and relax

This magnificent entertainment area incorporates simplicity while creating a beautiful space tailored to the resident’s needs. The use of neutral colours paired with the modern furniture brings about a relaxing, yet energizing feel, with the generous windows drawing in the glistening sunlight. Simply have it your way.

Chic comes in small packages

You don’t need a large area to create a chic living space. Even with a limited space, these skilled architects create a stylish master bedroom, incorporating enough natural light and bright colours to open up the space even further.

A flair for elegance

This main bathroom is just another one of A4AC’s many talents. Their natural flair for beauty and elegance is seen throughout this timeless modern bathroom.

New additional bedroom: Minimalist at its best

These pro architects prove again that they can make less, become more. Look how versatile this gorgeous minimalist bedroom is. Great on the eye and perfect in every way!

Here are some great tips on hiring an architect for your renovation/ house addition project!

VIO 302 - Terrasse:  Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder),

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