5 inspiring walk-in closet ideas with the help of Durban designers

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5 inspiring walk-in closet ideas with the help of Durban designers

Nancy Amon _ homify Nancy Amon _ homify
 Schlafzimmer von Linken Designs , Modern
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As a young innovative team with professional interior designers, LINKEN DESIGNS specialises in executing their client’s visions through custom designs. With custom-made cabinetry paired with the perfect layout, you can achieve the space you’ve always wanted.

You can definitely draw inspiration from their excellent work as seen with this stunning walk-in closet. It incorporates the perfect mix of space, hanging and packing space for all the garments.

Let’s have a look at these 5 inspiring ideas that you will want to try!

1. Designer suits and more

Having a generous space to neatly organize your suits from your casual jumpers, tees, and shorts is the ideal closet. You want your clothing to be in good shape when you have to put them on and surely, you don’t want to spend hours searching for the items you want to wear. The experts of LINKEN DESIGNS utilized ample hanging rails, as well as packing space for folded garments and shoes. In this way, everything stays neat and tidy.

2. Elegant shelving and hanging rails

This walk-in closet not only features custom space for him, but also space for her, see how there are several shelves and hanging rails for garments. What spells elegance more than designer labels as seen here!

3. Show them off on display

If you have them, flaunt them! Use clear display cabinets as seen here to show off your trendy designer handbags. Plus with the enclosure of the display, you can enjoy a dust-free area for your lush bags and other accessories.

4. Make it spacious

Don’t skimp on the space if your home can afford more for a custom-built walking closet. We’re not saying that small walk-in closets isn’t an option, however, they can easily look cluttered if not done properly. As seen here, you can enjoy a high-end designer fashion store-like appeal in your very home, with sufficient mirrors and possible extra seating areas to assist when you’re putting on your shoes. This walk-in closet or dressing room, also features the centrepiece that can aid when changing between garments.

5. Great light and natural wood completes the job!

Designers added soft, but adequate lighting fit for a dressing room of this caliber. With the use of brown wood finishes for the shelves and storage panels, it gives this closet space that regal feel it deserves.

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