8 innovative ideas to decorate the entrance of your apartment

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8 innovative ideas to decorate the entrance of your apartment

Moderner Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus von SPACCE INTERIORS Modern
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Each house narrates a different story… story of different personality residing there. Even in apartments when each house is designed to look exactly the same, it looks completely different from inside telling the story of residents residing there. Usually in apartments, there is restriction in decorating the exterior space which is a common area. But there will be no restrictions in decorating the interior of the apartment. After all the moment you step into that entrance door, your home begins. So why not make the entrance stylish since it is also the introduction to your home?

From the huge collection of entrance décor, today we have picked for you 8 amazing designs designed by the professionals of Homify for you to get inspired. However, the versatility of these designs is not restricted to apartments. Even the bungalow and independent house owners can take a cue. Take some inspiration, add your personal touch and create a beautiful entrance to feel proud of. Have a look!

​1. Playing with light and shades in the entrance hall

Rustikaler Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus von homify Rustikal

Decorate the wall of the entrance to your heart’s content. Make it elaborate and exclusive to create an impressive first impression. An elegant signature piece creating an interesting light and shadow décor on the wall, one single mirror reflecting the style, an informal sitting arrangement and colour added in the light tone décor through the rug thrown on the floor.

2. Making the entrance of apartment special with wall cladding

Small or large, a little bit of creativity and design sense can transform the entrance into an elegant hallway. The first impression of the home should be warm and welcoming and nothing can match the warmth of natural element. If the entrance is small and there is no space to keep wooden furniture there, spread the warmth of wood into the space by wall cladding. Wooden panels with light seeping from behind it will create beautiful patterns at the entrance. However, what gives it a special touch is a contemporary artwork fixed on wooden panel which is also bringing in colours into the space.

3. Brightness of colour in the entrance way

The colour palette you choose plays a crucial role in your home. Warm and welcoming entrance sets the mood and spread cheerfulness into the environment. Entrance of your home is the introduction of your personality too, so make it match with it. Warm and welcoming bright colours can create magic with minimum décor. The simple entrance of this apartment is turned special with the use of bright colours and it feels warm and welcoming.

4. Chic and modern entrance

Rustikale Wohnzimmer von homify Rustikal

In apartments usually there is no space for corridor or hallway. What we have is just an entrance. So start the décor right from the door. A grey wall contrasted with subtle tone of the adjoining wall, modern photos adorning the space, an antique high table and then two bright sofas bringing in colours; it’s aesthetically done modern and chic entrance.

5. Entrance through a elegant and sophisticated hallway

Decorate the hallway of your apartment in an elegant way to make it a walk to remember. Shine of the entrance door matches the shine of marble on the floor. Mirror wall on one side is covered with flowers painted on screen and the opposite wall has leaves engraved all over. Wooden false ceiling continues the shine as you walk through the shiny corridor.

6. Luxurious tone of modern entrance

Klassischer Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus von homify Klassisch

When the only way to decorate and leave an impression is through the wall at the entrance, take inspiration from this style and make it shine. Symphony on the wall is created by uneven frames decorating it and then it is synchronized by mirrors, slim tables, vases and artefacts in perfect pairs. Luxury of the space is taken a notch above by the modern table right in the middle of the entrance.

7. Rustic feel of the entrance hall

Rustikale Wohnzimmer von homify Rustikal

Entrance of the home sets the mood of the interior decoration of the rest of the living room. If you love the rustic charm of the bygone era, revive it and bring it right at your doorstep. The rough warmth of wooden furniture is deliberately designed to match the rustic style and then it is complemented well with lamps, paintings and little detailing all over the space.

​8. Entrance decorated by contrasting grey and wood

Beautiful texture on grey wall, grey chairs with wooden border, grey marble floor, metal coffee table in grey, small wooden table and wooden partition with niches to be used for display and then interesting lighting created by beautiful chandelier and lamp; decorate the entrance to leave a long lasting impression.

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