9 best DIY room dividers for South African homes

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We all know that, in addition to being beautiful, our homes also need to be most practical as well. However, that opens up an entire new world of potential, for ‘practical’ can mean a range of different things. But for today’s topic, ‘practical’ will take on the form of designs and structures that enhance open-plan layouts.

Fortunately, professional interior designers and decorators are always ready with tips and tricks to separate different spaces in an open-plan layout – should you require them do so, of course. Because let’s face it, even though there is something welcoming (and slightly lavish) about a kitchen flowing seamlessly into a living room or dining area (or both, as is the case with a lot of modern homes), there are certain areas that we do not want as part of our homes’ public areas, like the bedroom

That’s where these DIY room dividers come in, designed to cleverly and creatively separate various interior rooms. And even though some of these can be achieved by seasoned DIYers, others do require more professional assistance.

1. DIY room dividers: Stylish steel

We are absolutely mad about our first example: steel designs that add pattern and a contemporary touch to these open-plan interiors. Although these steel structures are slightly open to visually connect the rooms, they also ensure a distinct separation between the adjoining areas. 

homify hint: Designs such as these are ideal for separating certain areas (like a formal living room from an informal TV lounge), yet not perfect for when real privacy is required – such as a bathroom.

2. DIY room dividers: Do it with doors

​Studio Flat Room Divider Sliding Doors by Bravo London. Bravo London Ltd Moderne Wände & Böden Glas Grün

These doors with frosted glass are available in various sizes, large enough to stretch from floor to ceiling. Yet what makes them so wonderful is that they are somewhere in-between opaque and see-through.

And just like we expect from a practical room divider, they effortlessly slide on tracks to slice one room up into two separate spaces.

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3. DIY room dividers: Laser-cut beauties

Laser cut screens - Room divider - Crackle design. miles and lincoln Moderne Wohnzimmer

Similar to our first example, this laser-cut design adds pattern and texture to a space while also announcing that it’s here to divide up an open room. The best part is how, thanks to the lighting fixture in the back, a unique interplay between light and shadow is created on the walls and ceiling via the structure’s intricate design.

4. DIY room dividers: A simple (open) bookcase

BOON—Cube Storage Units - Stepped Shelves Regalraum UK Skandinavische Wohnzimmer

A classic never goes out of style… Open bookcases were some of the first structures ever used to divide up spaces, and today they are still one of the most popular ways.

Want to cut off a little reading corner in your bedroom? The dining area from the living room? How about your home office from the TV room? Open bookcases (available in a multitude of styles, sizes and designs, not to mention materials) could just be the answer!

5. DIY room dividers: Using your TV

How about making your living room's main focal point (the TV, in this case) the dividing factor between your lounging area and the adjoining space? Even though we love this structure that stretches from floor to ceiling and expertly holds the flat-screen TV with its accompanying sound bar and DVD player, this feature can also easily be replicated via a credenza or tall bookcase.

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6. DIY room dividers: A unique hanging model

THE MOST STYLISH HANGING ROOM DIVIDER SCREEN IS HERE Bloomming Flur, Diele & TreppenhausAccessoires und Dekoration Plastik Weiß

This eye-catching feature is designed to take up minimum space. Only a couple of centimetres thick, it flaunts an intricate pattern which is perfect for a modern / contemporary space. What makes it even more amazing is that those individual diamond-like shapes can be turned around, allowing more light to shine through the screen. 

Who knew one could get so creative with brushed stainless steel dangling from the ceiling?

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7. DIY room dividers: For the bedroom

BREATHTAKING BEDROOM AND LIVING ROOM DIVIDER Bloomming SchlafzimmerAccessoires und Dekoration Plastik Weiß

The same hanging design from our previous example makes a comeback, only this time the size and length is altered to add more privacy to a bedroom. Together with a half-wall structure, this bedroom is now creatively cut off from the adjoining living room, yet still enjoys light from the windows and artificial lighting fixtures.

8. DIY room dividers: Something Asian

The ancient Japanese definitely made history when they designed these oriental Shōji screens centuries ago. Handmade from traditional materials, these structures, which are available in numerous sizes, are perfect for cutting off entire rooms from one another (like a living room from a kitchen), or slicing up certain portions in one room (for example, creating a little dressing area in a bedroom).

9. DIY room dividers: A sectional wall

homify Moderne Badezimmer Beton Grau

Thanks to a seamless floor and the fact that lighting (both natural and artificial) is shared by both areas, this en-suite bathroom is still very much part and parcel of its adjoining bedroom. However, that sectional wall structure, made from sturdy and opaque concrete to ensure it melts in with the rest of the house, ensures a sufficient amount of privacy – it is a bathroom, after all!

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