Study room ideas for your home

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Study room ideas for your home

Vartika Gupta Vartika Gupta
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Study room design is often taken for granted, probably because it is a room that is seldom visited by guests, and study room furniture does not generally allow a family get-together. It is however believed that study room Vastu can make a lot of difference in the education and career of the dweller. Moreover, a well planned interior design for study room can make it look more inviting and appealing, that will make you want to spend more time in there, which is sure to yield a positive outcome. If you are looking at some study room ideas for your home, this ideabook is sure to give you some great ones, which are easy to implement and effective in the long run for a modern study room yet according to Vastu.

Vastu for study room

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Knowledge is the most vital aspect of a human being, and study room is a dedicated place to learn, study and gain knowledge. Indian study room designs' one very important aspect is that a study room should be on the west or north east of the house. The student should face either in the east or north direction while studying or working, just the way one would sit to worship the God. Study room decoration should be simple and should not have elements of distractions, and the best color for study room according to Vastu are Pale Green, Off White, Grey and Turquoise. A study room should be well lit, avoiding any window on the south wall. An idol or picture of Lord Ganesha or Goddess Saraswati if kept in the study room is said to bring success and good luck. Study room designs for teenagers should be strictly as per the Vastu, in order to maximize the concentration, since there are a lot of distractions in that age. You can find more study room pictures as per Vastu, and understand the design elements and their relativity.

How to decorate study room when you have space

Minimalistische Arbeitszimmer von homify Minimalistisch

You can get as experimental as you want with the study room interior design. Children study room can be made vibrant with bright colors and water resistant colorful furniture. For adults too, color for study room is a free choice and has a lot of range in shades and tones. Your study room color should complement your furniture and study room colors should be light enough to reflect light and not absorb it. The design of study room should be simple and in neat lines. Give a thought to the study room color combination beforehand, and choose colors that complement wood well, like Turquoise, Beige and Off White. Your study room interior design may allow creating reading space in one corner, and arrangement of the writing desk in another corner if the room size is good.

​Modern study room ideas

If creativity is what inspires you, then here are a few study room decoration ideas that will suit your taste. A book stand is an essential element of any study room interior. You can keep the book stand right in the center of your study room, and have it asymmetrical, unlike a simple study room, where book shelves are placed along the wall. You can add some eye catching elements to the study room designs, that will act as the center of attention in the room. Having a cozy reading corner is a great idea for long and enjoyable reading sessions.

Off beat study room design ideas

Rustikale Arbeitszimmer von homify Rustikal

Here is a rustic inspired study room, with wood as the protagonist. The wooden ceiling, the wooden window blinds, plain wood table and wood colored chair make this rustic inspired study room appear very organic and natural. Do notice the small detailing added with the wooden floor light to add focus. The small rustic boxes add to the charm of the study room without standing out. You could add some lantern lights for the feel and have a grounded, earthy study room for yourself.

Minimalist Study Room Ideas

Using the main element as wood, and keeping the furniture and design to the bare minimum, this study room uses the natural light to its best advantage. If you have a source of natural light in your study room, you can maximize the size of the windows in order to make the room look fresh and airy. Use only the required furniture, and get rid of any access furniture to have a simple down to earth minimalist study room. For more ideas in minimalist designs, have a look.

Tips for a quirky study room

Minimalistische Arbeitszimmer von homify Minimalistisch

A study room can be small, but there does not have to be a compromise on the style. You can add style and quirk in the upholstery, the decorative elements and the lighting, and you have a great work space for teenagers to enjoy fun study sessions with friends. In this image of study room, all the other elements are kept simple to keep the focus on the colorful chairs. The suspended light saves space on the table, and retains the focus on the study table. Here are 10 refreshing ways to light up your home.

When there is no study room

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A covered study desk can fill in for a study room, when you do not have one. A covered desk can store all your books and stationary and is expandable when you wish to use it. It is a compact way of having a study table right in your room, when you do not have a separate study room in your home. Here are some ideas to create a study room in a small home.

Kids study room design ideas

Asiatische Arbeitszimmer von homify Asiatisch

Kids love colors, and when you can not have the entire room colored bright, you can create a bright study corner in the room. This idea also works well, when you actually do not have a designated study room for kids in the home, due to space constraints. You can create a visual separation with the help of contrasting colors and use lights to create the focus and improve concentration when the child is sitting on the table. You can have the bookshelf open as it is more convenient for kids. Also remember to avoid any sharp edges in design, in order to be safe with the young lads. Have a look at more kids rooms to get inspired.

Small study room design ideas

A small study room does not need frills. It has to be kept simple, and simple does not have to be boring at all. When there is a space constraint, use the walls to the maximum. A narrow study table set along the wall. A narrow book shelf along the wall, a sleek yet comfortable chair and some good lighting can make a small study room look spacious, comfortable and inviting. Here are some small study room pictures for more inspiration.

Best color combinations for study room

As a rule of thumb, is the room is small, use light colors, and if the room is spacious you can use bold and dark shades of colors. Some great combinations according to Vastu that are very appealing to eyes too are Off White and Grey, Turquoise and Off White, Blue and Grey, Pale Green and Off White, Gold and Brown. Avoid using colors like Red, Wine, Orange and Pinks in the study room for a calm and serene ambiance. Here are some color combinations to make your house look bigger.

Futures are made in the study room, so one should pay attention to the design and detail of study room and have it done in such a manner that you would love spending time there. Hope these ideas have inspired you, and you have found the way you want your study room to look and feel.

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