7 Diwali decoration ideas for your home entrance

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7 Diwali decoration ideas for your home entrance

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Once again it’s time to celebrate the festival of diwali in particular and life in general with your loved ones. With diwali around, we Indians simply goes crazy with cleaning and decorating our homes with a wish to welcome luck, good health, prosperity and happiness into our home. Surprisingly no one complains about the work load. In fact the family comes together to get the home ready for diwali. That’s the real essence of festival; to prepare the home to welcome family and friends so that festival can be celebrated in its true spirit. So today we have brought for you some amazing and innovative decorating ideas for your home entrance conceptualized and designed by the interior designers and decorators of homify. Take some inspiration from here, give a personal touch to it and deck up your home to welcome family and friends to celebrate a happy and prosperous diwali. Have a look!

​1. This diwali decorate the entrance door with living toran

During diwali, we Indians follow the tradition of decorating the entrance doors with torans, a decorative string of leaves and flowers. It looks welcoming but it dries up within a couple of days. So this diwali let’s do something different and create our own toran with live plants in hanging pots. Strategically place light to lighten up the plants. After all diwali is the festival of light. Now all you have to do is to get yourself ready to receive appreciation for your fresh, lively and brightly lit idea which will remain their decorating the entrance of your home for long.

2. Celebrating diwali with medley of colourful light at the entrance

Diwali is the festival of light and we Indians love to fill our life with colourful vibes. To celebrate the festival of light create a medley of colourful lamps and candles and decorate the entrance of your home with them. Even if not lit, the presence of colourful vibe will keep the entrance decorated waiting for evening to lit up. Just remember to light up each and every candle and decorate the candle stands with burning candles to bring in the true flavour of festival at your doorstep.

3. Fresh flowers at the entrance for fragrant diwali

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Freshness of flowers… it is undoubtedly loved by all. The colour and essence of flowers livens up the space wherever it is placed. So this diwali use the power of fresh flowers and decorate the entrance of your home with bouquets of fresh flowers to give your guests a fragrant welcome.

4. Colourful planters at the entrance wall for fresh diwali

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Get some fresh ideas and decorate the entrance wall of your home with colourful planters with flowering plants in it to attract the appreciation of family and friends. The beautiful garden at the entrance will remain there even after diwali decorating and adorning the wall of your home entrance.

5. Traditional painting on the entrance wall especially for diwali

It is not possible to get the house painted every year for diwali. But what is surely possible is to surprise your family and friends by making your home décor alive before diwali by doing something new like painting traditional art on the wall of your entrance. The colourful charm will surely spread happiness all around it making the festival more special.

6. Celebrate diwali with antique decoration at the entrance

Polish it or just hang it in its original form; this diwali use the antique items stacked up in your grandmother’s trunk and decorate the entrance of your home with it. An antique bell to ring will surely sound better and look better at the front door enhancing the style quotient of your home and making it special. This diwali, you can use the other antique items also to decorate your home to make your home look chic and contemporary bursting with traditional flavour.

7. Sculptured fairy lights at the entrance to welcome diwali, the festival of light

Make your home dazzle from inside out in the brightness and essence of diwali and let your life be filled with it. Decorating the home with light and lamps are a tradition of diwali. Extend that tradition of light inside of your home and create a sculpture out of fairy lights instead of just laying it out in line. Take some inspiration from here and design your own sculpture of fairy lights to lighten up the entrance of your home. Complement it with diyas and candles to keep the tradition alive while decorating your home following the modern trend of fairy lights.

Our home needs to shine every evening! Learn about different lighting ideas for your home from here: Different lighting ideas for your home

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