All you need to know about guardrails at home

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All you need to know about guardrails at home

Ausgefallener Garten von Sandarbh Design Studio Ausgefallen
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We barely notice them, but guardrails are an important barrier which stands to protect us from certain danger and probable accidents in home. Usually, they are designed to be waist or chest high to ensure the safety of residents in higher floors, or may be to prevent or deter unwanted intrusions and little bit of privacy in terracebalcony or any open spaces of our home while allowing light and visibility to visit the home freely.

Often we confuse them to be the same, but guardrail is very different from handrail or parapet. Handrail is generally a structure built on the side of staircase or ramp so that people can take its support while climbing up and down. Guardrail when fixed next to a handrail is mainly to enhance the aesthetics of the space or add some protection in the home with children around. Parapet is also very different from guardrails in its construction and structure. It is wall built of brick, stones or wood from floor to ceiling making it a wall whereas guardrails are not built to make a wall out of it. It covers only the half of the vertical structure leaving the other half open for view.

So now with clear ideas about what guardrails are, today we have brought for you different designs of guardrails specially created by homify professionals for you to get inspired. There is no dearth of materials for guardrails. The only thing is that you will have to choose the best that will be in sync with the style of your home and merges with the décor of the home to enhance its aesthetics. Check out the designs and materials of the guardrails and find out how to implement them to make a perfect guardrail for your home. Have a look!

1. Protection of glass on the guardrail

Minimalistischer Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus von homify Minimalistisch

In modern home where staircase is a piece of art and all you want is to flaunt it; choose glass to be the guardrail and keep the height low so that it can double up to be handrail too. Glass as a guardrail provides clean and clear look and make the space look chic and contemporary with its mere presence. Toughened glass is available in the market which is strong and is a perfect material for guardrails.

2. Glass and metal guardrail of mezzanine

In duplex or multi floor house, the mezzanine needs to be guarded but in style. That’s what tampered glass guardrail does; it stands in protection but without compromising in aesthetics of the space. Metal frame holds the glass in place while this guardrail provides security from the three side on the mezzanine.

3. Shine of aluminium in glass guardrail

Minimalistischer Flur, Diele & Treppenhaus von homify Minimalistisch

Mixing and combination of materials is quite common in guardrails. Here the long sheets of tampered glass are framed and supported by aluminium on the top, at intervals and in nuts that are used to fasten the glass. The shine of aluminium and clearness of glass is enhancing the aesthetic to the double-height ceiling and making the view from above clean and clear.

4. The sturdiness of wrought iron in the guardrail

The malleability of wrought iron makes it possible to mould it to give it the shape of your dream. If the guardrail is for the protection and security of family in terrace or balcony of your home, choose wrought iron in the guardrail since it can withstand the adversity of weather with élan.

5. Wood extending from handrails to the guardrails

This space dominated by wood, from floor to staircase and from railing of staircase to guardrail on the floor above; wood in its natural colour and texture brings in uniformity of material in the living room and adds to the aesthetic of the space where two floors get connected.

​6. Wood and glass guardrail protecting from above

Very long sheets of glass in wooden frame guard the guardrail and stand strongly in protection of the family in upper floor. The joint free clarity of glass and natural feel of the wood adds to the beauty of the space with its lucidity and contemporary style.

7. Aquarium as the guardrail

von homify Modern

This is an innovative way to protect your family and style up the space especially in small home where the staircase rises from the middle of the integrated space and needs to be decorated. Handrail is made of simple metal and on the opposite side an aquarium is kept guarding the guardrail.

8. Wooden security in the guardrail

Wooden frame with fine wooden horizontal grill is perfect to protect the upper floor of the home. Half window and half guardrail of wood is perfect to add rustic feel in modern home. Even when the French window is open still the floor is secure with wooden guardrail below it.

9. Geometric design of metal on the guardrail

Show your creativity and guard the railing with geometric shapes and design of metal running from stairs to the floor above standing in protection for you and your family. The upper mezzanine too has metal guardrail adding strength and personality into the space.

10. Wood, metal and glass combines to form the guardrail

Tropische Fenster & Türen von de square Tropisch

Wood at the top, metal rods running horizontally and vertically merges with the glass wall with windows on top to form a simple and elegant guardrail of the path leading up to the bedroom.

​11. Mesh of metal on the guardrail

Galvanized metal mess on the guardrail is perfect if you are looking for extra and durable protection for the open space of your home like the balcony. Long iron rail protected by iron mesh is ideal if kids are at home. It is an inexpensive option and will last longer braving the adversity of climate without rusting.

12. Running wall of glass as the guardrail

The Running Wall Residence Häuser von LIJO.RENY.architects

The Running Wall Residence


Tampered glass bolted with aluminium plates and nuts runs along the space forming the guardrail for protection without blocking the view or compromising with the style of the space.

13. Balcony with layers of guardrail in stone and metal

Nikhil patel residence Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von Dipen Gada & Associates Modern
Dipen Gada & Associates

Nikhil patel residence

Dipen Gada & Associates

Stone of the balcony extends up to form the guardrail of the open terrace and makes the first layer of protection and also creates a boundary for terrace garden. Beyond the stone guardrail and garden is the second layer of metal guardrails standing tall vertically for protection. Above the vertical guardrail are the horizontal wires for further protection to completely secure the open terrace of the home.

Check this ideabook before you start planning for your terrace garden: Terrace garden: 10 things you must know

VIO 302 - Terrasse Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern

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