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Maygrove Road House Conversion , RS Architects RS Architects Moderne Häuser
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Deciding on taking over a new apartment can be tricky, but here are some tips that can make your choice a bit easier and smoother. This idea guide will discuss all the things you should check in the house, so you can use it as a checklist to see if your new house or apartment is secure, has everything you need, and is functioning properly. It's best to jot down the subtopics you see in this article to help you remember. Remember, organization is key to getting things done efficiently and making the correct decisions. 

Firstly, be prepared. Come to your appointment with your landlord equipped with a notebook, pen, camera, and measuring tape to record your observations. Measure the height and width of the doorway to make sure your furniture will fit in. You need to take everything into consideration as there is no turning back after signing the contract, but first relax! Let's browse through this checklist for a flat handover carefully and take notes. 

Windows and doors

One of the key points to a secure house or apartment is its windows and doors. Make sure the windows and doors can be closed and locked properly. Try all the doorknobs to ensure that they are securely attached, and check the exterior caulking around doors and windows to see if they seal tightly. If there is more than one type of lock, ask to receive a pair of keys for each kind. 

Check the windows to see if window coverings such as screens are intact. Also check for drafts and air leaks, as this can cost you a lot of money. Shake the windows and doors to see if they rattle. If they make a sound, there is movement, meaning that there is extra space and air leaks. Another way to find out if your windows or doors have air leaks is to see if any sunlight comes through the frames.

Electric devices

Maygrove Road House Conversion , RS Architects RS Architects Moderne Häuser

Our modern lifestyles depend a lot of electric devices, and this is an essential part of any home so it is very important to check that all the sockets are working properly. Bring a few electrical devices with you such as a phone, laptop, all with their respective chargers, just to check if they work in the house. Also check how the reception is like on your phone, and ask about the internet connection. 

Check the wiring and cables for any signs of pests or rodents chewing on the electrical cables. You certainly don't want to move into a pest infested home. Furthermore, it can be dangerous too. If you plan to use a home phone, check that the cable jacks are accesible and functioning. 


The comforts of a home is what makes it worth living in, so don't forget to check the heaters in the house or apartment. Check the heater in each room, and also the water heater in the bathroom. You want to make sure your first night in your new house is not freezing, and you can be comfortable enough to feel at home. 

Don't forget to check all the lights, fans, or air-conditioning switches and remotes too. Listen for any strange sounds or smells that may indicate there is something wrong with the appliances. 

Sanitary ware and kitchen

The kitchen and sanitary ware is an essential part of the home. Most modern kitchens have a ready made modular kitchen with the stove, sink, and storage all arranged in a convenient, easily accessible layout. Check to see that everything in the kitchen works properly and that it is 100 percent safe. Ask if there is any fire alarm or fire escape plan. 

The dreamy all white kitchen pictured here is designed by The Creative Apartment, designers based in Genova, Italy. 

Walls and Floors

Walls and floors should be checked for any sort of damage or cracks. Cracks and dents in the walls and floors could be a sign of structural damage, which may be serious enough to bring the whole house down. So take your time examining the walls and floors, and be sure to check behind wall hangings and underneath carpets on the floor. Also check that there are no water leaks or mould growing anywhere. Some people can very allergic to mould, especially if you have respiratory problems already. 

Browse through flooring designs here on homify for more new ideas and refreshing inspiration. 


To check the bathroom thoroughly, first flush all the toilets to make sure the plumbing works properly. Look inside the tank to make sure the handle is sturdy, and not about to crack at any moment. Run every faucet in the house to check if the sinks are leaking. Look under the sink to ensure that there are no drips or any water discoloration. 

Next, check to see if the shower head works, and isn't spraying water all over the place. Also check the water pressure to see that everything is running smoothly, and not dripping.

Meter readings

Find out where the meter readings for electricity can be found, and record the meter readings. Make sure the old electricity bills have been paid by asking for the receipts. This will also make it easier for you when you pay your first bill.

Once you and your landlord have gone through the checklist suggested here, clarify the terms of the security deposit, schedule any repairs, and sign a document detailing the current condition of the apartment. 

We hope the information here has been helpful to you. For more inspiration and ideas, have a look at From Shabby to Chic: How to give your home an easy upgrade.

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