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Who does not like space and yet if you have that space available to you vertically, then it can pose some challenges in terms of design. Here, the interior designers and decorators of Inside Element, Hyderabad have created a stunning living room here in this home. Unless you blend the space completely, the room can feel empty and cold. When you accomplish the job as well as they seem to have done here, everything begins to look luxurious and grand. Here, it has been designed so well that your eye moves naturally towards the entire space.

Exceptional lighting


One of the best ways to add to the impact of a tall room is the use of a statement lighting fixture. Here, the hanging lights that resemble tiny bulbs connect the lower and upper portions of the room perfectly. As it has been centered in the room, it makes for the perfect arrangement of the lighting. It becomes functional and looks stylish as well. While crystal chandelier is an option, this lighting fixture is spatially perfect and fits with the overall design theme. A few additional lights have been included in the corner of the trendy living room and within the vases at the entrance to balance the look.

Style statement


One of the many ways to make the right impact is to use artwork higher in the room. Here, the deer heads have been used in a pattern and since it is so high up on the wall, it draws your attention in all the right ways. Also, to balance the look of the artwork, two large portraits hang below. So, whether you use several small items or one large artwork, using the entire height of the wall is the perfect way to make an impact.

Mural effect


Here, a couple of features add interest to the overall design. The mural on the wall is perfect as it brings in colour and vibrancy to this space. The colours work well as everything else seems to be subtle and simple. Further, an additional lighting fixture has been added to make things complete. When the room is rectangular, you may consider adding more than one lighting fixture. This works to keep things functional and stylish as well. The choice of colour and texture for the floor is perfect as it adds to the neutrality of the canvas that has helped the designers to showcase everything else so beautifully.

Grand living room


A lovely striped pattern welcomes you into this space. It has been interspaced with lights making it unique and distinct. The lovely central light is shaped like the solar system making it one of the many impressive elements in the room. The mural has a 3-D effect and draws your eye to it repeatedly. The colours and the effect are both dramatic and impressive.

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