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The veranda extension that made us go “va-va-voom!”

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
 Wohnzimmer von ENDesigns Architectural Studio
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Nelspruit-based ENDesigns Architectural Studio is no stranger when it comes to high-quality results. Known as a passionate and committed architectural firm, the company approaches each and every project differently by taking each client’s unique needs and wants into consideration. 

Together with the appropriate brief, budget and site conditions, ENDesigns Architectural Studio uses its array of seasoned experts to create architecture that not only form physical structures, but also serve as extensions of the relevant landscapes.

Operating throughout Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, the Western Cape and the rest of South Africa, the firm offers a variety of services including residential- and commercial designs, alterations and renovations, as well as documentation and contract administration of new buildings.

Let’s see what they accomplished when asked to upgrade an outdated veranda…  

A complementary structure

The brief from the client requested the improvement of their house’s existing veranda, yet also stipulated that the finished design should not look like an add-on, but rather blend in with the rest of the exterior façade. 

A much grander design

  von ENDesigns Architectural Studio

Comparing the ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots, there are no prizes for guessing that the upgraded design is considerably larger. Thus, with the right professionals on the job, this veranda went from a regular outdoor patio to an impressive design which flaunt an open-plan layout of a spacious dining- and lounging area. 

The exterior views

  von ENDesigns Architectural Studio
ENDesigns Architectural Studio

View towards Verandah

ENDesigns Architectural Studio

Viewing the old and new structures from the outside, we can clearly discern the more modern approach the upgraded design enjoys. Pitched roofing, timber-clad gable, generous folding doors that usher in decadent amounts of natural light and landscape views… what's not to love?

Becoming one with the outdoors

  von ENDesigns Architectural Studio
ENDesigns Architectural Studio

View towards Verandah

ENDesigns Architectural Studio

Similar to the old design, the new one also includes an open, uncovered patio where the homeowners can relax and entertain guests when the weather allows for it. And when it becomes a case of the more, the merrier, those floor-to-ceiling glass doors simply fold out of the way to make this exterior space become one with the grand interiors. Simple, yet unforgettable!

Let’s enjoy a few more visuals that further detail this amazing veranda design…

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