A modern home addition by Johannesburg architects

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A modern home addition by Johannesburg architects

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 Esszimmer von A4AC Architects,
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A4AC Architects are no strangers when it comes to creating beautiful property extensions and makeovers that require their professional and skilled architectural team. These professionals in Johannesburg have helped many clients achieve their dream home or best suited commercial property. Working closely with their clients, they are able to design, supply materials and offer a bespoke service that is both practical, innovative and contributes to sustainable architecture.

Let's take a closer look at what the professionals crafted in the house addition in Bergbron!

Spacious kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen, sometimes it’s easy to forget that this is the very heart and soul of a home. This property was installed with a spacious kitchen that not only makes meal preparations a lovely task but also allows for some of the family members to lend a hand without it being too overcrowded. There are also ample worktops to engage with meal preparations.

Luxury dining

Dining at this residence is a treat with a beautiful 6 seater-dining table setup, there is enough space for places to be set and the rest of the members to join in for a meal together. This space is simple, and functional.

Practical mini garden

Sometimes properties are limited for space, but that doesn’t mean you cannot have your beautiful garden on show. This garden has a lawn and some easy to maintain plants. Not bad for a small garden.

Beautifully adorned driveway

This driveway is functional, providing a paved surface for cars and other vehicles to park. While you may imagine driveways can sometimes look boring right? That isn’t the case for this Bergbron Johannesburg property, as the architects added a touch of plants in beautiful tall pots and it transforms a dull driveway into a chic, practical one.

Open plan to socialise

An open plan kitchen and dining room are one of the best ways you can allow guests to engage and enjoy each other’s company. With no walls to divide in this Bergbron home, these residents can get ready to get a party started!

A library edition

Libraries always have a way of making homes look even more fancy than usual. Not only is a library a great addition to a home, but it can also serve as a quiet little space away from the bustling noises of the rest of the house. This is a true example of these architects in Johannesburg’s innovative planning.

Cosy, but beautiful

Even though this master bedroom is on the smaller side, it didn’t put a damper on the innovative designs implemented as a whole. It's clear that there's no clutter and furniture is kept at a minim, for this reason, the small bedroom look works well here.  

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