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7 Quick Tricks to Tile your Bathroom like a Pro

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There are few things in life that are as satisfying as getting something done around the house on your own – like a pro! A house-proud person will take pride in getting things done around the house with minimal fuss and maximum effect. The bathroom is one such area that requires constant updates to maintain its functional status. Bathroom tiles are a major element in the bathroom décor industry. There are numerous kinds of tiles in the market today, with options for all kinds of homes and décor schemes. So if you have been asking yourself, “how can I get the right tile for my bathroom,” then you are at the right place. Not only does this article gives you tips on bathroom tiles, but also gives you tricks to tile your bathroom like a pro!

1. Plan everything before

The best way to go about a DIY job in the house is to ensure that you have planned and prepared well. So plan everything before you start the actual project. Start with good old research. Visit home stores and even go online to home in on what kind of tile you want – ceramic, granite, coarse stone, glossy, concrete or any other. Do lots of research on style as well as size. Know what kind of size will look good as per the size of your bathroom. A small bathroom will look better with a slightly medium sized to small tile while a large bathroom gives you the leeway to pick and choose a tile with a larger width. Do you want a retro style tile with small brick style blocks doing up your walls? And what about a row of tiles to break the monotony with a contrast or a glossy touch? Consider all these questions before you start, as well as the budget including other supplies like measuring tapes and waterproof adhesive.

2. Double check the tile sizes

Check the size of the tile which is the last in a row – specifically the width of the tile. To do so, start by placing a tile of your choosing on one end and start moving it one width at a time down the line. Remember to include the width of a spacer. Now do the same thing from top to bottom. You will do well to double check the tile size to ensure that you have it right. Then, order the exact quantity that you require plus one extra box to keep handy so that you can replace a tile that breaks or gets damaged. Also, the fancier tiles usually go off the shelves soon and do not come back as regular stock later, so this extra box will help you replace any damaged tiles later on as well without having to change the entire walls’ tiles all over again.

3. Put your tiles from the ceiling down

Touch by touch. A private dwelling 160 qm nadine buslaeva interior design Minimalistische Badezimmer
nadine buslaeva interior design

Touch by touch. A private dwelling 160 qm

nadine buslaeva interior design

Once you have brought your tiles home, it is time to install them. Put the tiles from the ceiling down for easy installation. Ensure that you have marked the point in the wall from where they start. Insert a datum shelf just about the floor line where you would like to stop, and one on top where you would like to begin. This can be done by screwing in a timber shelf which can easily be removed later. This strip can then be decorated with a glossy tile in a slimmer size to act as a border. Before you start the installation, it would be a good idea to check each tile and ensure that these tiles are clean and undamaged.

This tile design is from the house of Germany-based interior architects Nadine Buslaeva Interior Design.

4. Take a look to the leaks

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It would be a good idea to draw yourself a plumbing line where your main taps and tubes run so that you know where exactly to tile and how. Take a look at the leaks and ensure that they are fixed before you go ahead. This will ensure that your tile lasts longer and does not get spoilt with seepage from below the tile’s surface due to a leaky pipe. Still, it is also a good idea to get waterproof adhesive and use the same for the installation of the bathroom tile.

5. Cure the Space between the Steps

Remember to cure the space between the steps so that the transition from one kind of tile to the other is a smooth one. Remove all kinds of extra trimmings as well as mouldings before you start and ensure that the surface is clean. There should be no traces of wax or even soap scum before you start. The curing can happen by choosing the correct adhesive as per the kind of tile or slab you are using. Also, the joints should be grouted with the correct waiting time as per the kind of adhesive that you are using. Curing is a very important function that needs to be done with patience and precision to ensure that there is enough drying and setting time accorded before you actually begin to use that bathroom again.

6. Ask bigger niches, not smaller

Now this is where you might need the help of a mason. Ask for bigger niches, not smaller. A bigger niche is easier to tile and makes for a more stylish look while a smaller niche is cumbersome to tile as a lot of tile cutting is required. Plus, small niches have a dated look that does not match modern surroundings any longer.

7. Detail makes a difference

Add plenty of visual detail like monochrome tiling in dual shades, or even a row of slim contrast color tiling every few tiles to create a pattern of sorts. These details go a long way in creating a stylish looking bathroom! So detail makes a difference – and you would do well to remember that for any kind of décor project you take up!

The bathroom is a space that needs lots of attention. The bathroom tiles need to be chosen and installed with care to ensure that they look good and do not fall out or get spoilt due to faulty installation techniques.

Read our ideabook Tiles can take your bathroom to the next level to know more.

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