An office in Ahmedabad that reflects class and style

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An office in Ahmedabad that reflects class and style

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 Bürogebäude von malvigajjar
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Commercial spaces need careful and creative thinking. While there is a need for the same in the home as well, this is different because of the image you need to present. In this magnificent office space in Ahmedabad, the interior architects of Malvigajjar present a cohesive and fluid design. The architects have paid attention to the image of the business, the current requirements and the growing needs of booming business. In this space, it was important to create a design that was attractive to clients but was effective as a workplace for employees.

Room with a view

 Bürogebäude von malvigajjar

First impressions are lasting and what better way to make the right impression than in a room that reflects your taste and class. A wonderful glass ceiling makes for the perfect focal point in the modern office. The vector shell-like design catches your eye as all the other subtle elements in the room give a wonderful effect. The chairs and the table have been chosen to impart a luxurious and royal look to this space.

Gorgeous entryway

 Bürogebäude von malvigajjar

The best way to make an impression is to create a wonderful and welcoming lobby. Here, the spacious look of the lobby definitely takes the cake. A simplistic yet stylish grey sofa makes for a great seating area. Along with this, pouffes and a centre table make for an excellent area to relax in before meeting with the people. A lobby is incomplete without a helper’s desk and this is tall, elegant and sophisticated for this space.  

Exceptional workspace

 Bürogebäude von malvigajjar

Any workspace is productive only when people can work in a relaxed and calm manner. The design and style can make a huge difference. Here, spaces have been designed so people can work effectively and effortlessly. There is sufficient spacing between the people and the colours used within this space has a calming effect on the whole. Cabinets in dual tones of black and white make a perfect impression as well.  

Room for greenery

 Bürogebäude von malvigajjar

It has been said that adding greenery within office spaces is essential as it lends a certain sense of calm to the environment. Simultaneously, you will find that the green, vibrant colour makes the room and area look positive and amazing at the same time. The design is unique as small wooden baskets have been used to cradle indoor plants. Setting it up vertically has also added to the magical look of the place.  

Sophisticated and stylish

 Bürogebäude von malvigajjar

Meeting rooms are where the important goals get achieved. In this room, you can see the emphasis is on motivation as the clean walls are covered in inspiring quotes. By using a simple theme of black and white, the architects have given this room character and style. Motivational messages on the wall and the clean and clutter-free look of the marble table make this space complete and exceptional in every way.

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