A Modern Home With An Artistic Twist

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Lego House, BETWEENLINES BETWEENLINES Moderne Wohnzimmer
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The modern design wave has made a huge impact in India over the last few years. Countless designers and architects are now taking on the modern challenge by adding their own twist to their designs. Modern houses, usually, focus on structural simplicity, order and functionality. Monochromatic walls, basic materials and clean architectural lines form the foundation of modern design and architecture. Modern style is also heavily influenced by the elements in minimal style with a strong emphasis on lines, texture, and lack of ornamentation. Between Lines, an architectural firm in Bangalore, India, designed this house with the modern style we’ve come to admire and love. Grid-like designs, dramatic art to complement the stark décor, and an artistic twist define the décor and architecture of this stunning house.

Today on homify 360, we explore the interiors and exteriors of this gorgeous house in Bangalore and understand the subtle beauty of modern style. Let’s begin the tour, shall we?

The exterior

Lego House, BETWEENLINES BETWEENLINES Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse

The designer has dubbed this house ‘The Lego House’ as it closely resembles the structure of Lego blocks. It's grid-like design and incorporation of geometric elements make this square structure visually appealing and interesting. The combination of various shades and materials give this house a distinct look and make it stand out. While the architecture of the house is dominated by modern style, the contrasting combinations have a subtle industrial style.

The courtyard

Lego House, BETWEENLINES BETWEENLINES Moderner Balkon, Veranda & Terrasse

The courtyard of the house is designed with a neutral color palette and contrasting materials. Combining concrete and wood, this space has a very zen-like feel. Large columns stand tall around the house and open up to a breath-taking view. The indented segments running through the middle of the courtyard are filled to the brim with brown-colored stones to enhance the contrasting effect. Wooden-framed windows face the open layout of the courtyard, ensuring the flow of air and natural light.

Structural columns

Lego House, BETWEENLINES BETWEENLINES Moderne Wohnzimmer

The interior of the house also bears resemblance to the structure of Legos. Designed in cubic shapes and perfect symmetry, the interior of the house is dominated by strong and clean lines. Neutral shades take over the décor of the house in this space as well. To accentuate the modern style of the house, the designer has incorporated a vibrant and colourful wall to the mix.

Colourful stairway

Lego House, BETWEENLINES BETWEENLINES Moderne Wände & Böden

Drama and style take over the stairway that leads to the upper floor of this house. Despite being modern in style, the designer has added a twist with a mix of eclectic and rustic elements. A gorgeous wooden décor piece stands in the corner of this space and enhances the colourful wall on the side.

Check out these stairway designs for more inspiration!

A burst of colour

Lego House, BETWEENLINES BETWEENLINES Moderne Wohnzimmer

This space in the house resembles an artist’s color palette – bold, striking, and vibrant. The designer has fashioned this space with multiple colours that spread beautifully across its grid-like structure. A solid-coloured wall on one side blends beautifully with the abstract painted wall on the other side.

This house is designed to give an amazing visual experience with its bold designs, unconventional color palette, and structured architecture. If you liked this home tour, have a look at this one – A Splendid Contemporary Residential Apartment in Bangalore, India.

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