16 house plans to copy

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16 house plans to copy

Sunita Vellapally Sunita Vellapally
  von The 2D3D Floor Plan Company
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Who doesn’t dream of building their own home? While browsing through photographs of beautiful houses is a great way to get ideas, house plans are essential to help to plan the area and give the homeowner an idea of how space will be utilised and where the various rooms will be located. Of course, depending on the size of the plot, one can find one-story house plans or multi-level floor plans to accommodate the required number of rooms.

The advantage of 3D plans is that they help to visualise how space will be allocated. For example, when looking at small house plans under 1000 sq. ft. with two bedrooms, where the second bath doubles up as a powder room, it makes sense to place the bathroom closer to the social spaces rather than attached to the second bedroom. That way, you can ensure privacy in the bedroom.

Similarly, for bungalows or small cottage house plans, 2D or 3D images present views of the home from all sides, giving a better perspective of the area around the house, the garden and the terrace. Additionally, one gets an idea of the exterior façade of the house and how it will look from the street.

To help you get an idea of the advantages of 2D and 3D images, we present 16 architect-designed house plans to inspire you.  

1. 3D house plans for a small two-bedroom home


3d floor plan


A popular design for small houses and apartments, this plan has an open plan in the living, dining and kitchen. The main bedroom has an en suite bathroom, while the second bath doubles up as a guest bathroom with easy access from the living area.  

2. House plans with a garage

For homeowners who need a house with a garage, it’s best to choose a plan that provides direct access to the home from the garage.  

3. One-bedroom small house floor plans

  von Inspiria Interiors
Inspiria Interiors

3d Floor Plans

Inspiria Interiors

This plan works well for a one-bedroom apartment or house where the sleeping space is private, unlike in an open-plan design.  

4. House plans for homes with more than one story

  von Alive Visualisation
Alive Visualisation

Architectural 3D Floor Plans…

Alive Visualisation

For a large family, a two-floor plan with four bedrooms on the upper floor will help to maintain a quiet environment away from the social spaces at the lower level.  

5. House plans with a balcony or porch

  von Floor Plan For Real Estate
Floor Plan For Real Estate

Floor Plans for Real Estate Agents

Floor Plan For Real Estate

A floor plan with the balcony near the living or dining room is preferable as it provides additional space when entertaining guests.  

6. Two-story house plans

  von ART JAIL

This two-storey house plan includes a family room off the bedrooms on the first floor, besides two bedrooms on the ground floor.  

7. House plans for a bungalow

  von The 2D3D Floor Plan Company
The 2D3D Floor Plan Company

3D Exterior & Interior Renderings for Floor Plans

The 2D3D Floor Plan Company

In this house plan, one can view each floor separately besides getting an idea of the exterior façade.     

8. 2D house plans of a multi-floor home in a narrow space

 Häuser von FLAT HOUSE

Tsubomi House (Tokyo Bud House)


A unique house plan with a footprint of just 26 sq. m. spread over seven unpartitioned split levels connected by a staircase.   

9. 2D images of the home exterior

This 2D plan includes the house elevation each direction to present a better perspective on what can be seen from each side.  

10. Country home house plans

  von David Nossiter Architects
David Nossiter Architects

Planning Permission Granted, Dulwich!

David Nossiter Architects

A house plan with ground and first floor rooms as well as some extensions.  

11. One-story open floor plans

  von Floor Plan For Real Estate
Floor Plan For Real Estate

Floor Plans for Real Estate Listings

Floor Plan For Real Estate

This open floor plan has balconies off the master bedroom as well as the living room.  

12. Two-bedroom small house floor plans with deck or patio

  von Floor Plan For Real Estate
Floor Plan For Real Estate

Floor Plans for Real Estate Photographers

Floor Plan For Real Estate

A two-bedroom floor plan with a deck that can be accessed from the social spaces as well as the master bedroom.  

13. House plans with front and back garden

With small garden areas at the front and back of the house, this plan presents views of the greenery from the living room and the bedroom.  

14. House plans for remodelling with extensions

For homeowners looking at remodelling their home, this plan presents a picture of how to optimise the space.  

15. Small two-bedroom house plans

A tiny two-bedroom house with a tiled roof over the porch.  

16. Two-story house plans with garden

Besides a garden in front of the house near the car porch, this house has a garden at the back.  

VIO 302 - Terrasse:  Terrasse von FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder)

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