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10 beautiful garden decor ideas for Indian homes

von Sandarbh Design Studio Ausgefallen
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Terrace gardens or sprawling lawns, filled with beautiful plants and planters or green areas that are bold, oozing with creativity… decorating a garden allows you to unleash your imagination and transform the outdoor space of your home so you can enjoy the fresh morning air or lazy evenings with your loved ones. There are several simple ways to accentuate the garden of your home without spending a fortune on it. Have a look at these ideas to enhance the beauty of the outdoor space of your home.

1. An abstract structure of natural stone in the garden

A huge boulder in its natural shape sitting in the middle of the garden amidst the plants will make a bold statement with its mere presence. The natural beauty of the rock will enhance the beauty of the garden subtly.

Stone planter in the garden

A creatively crafted stone planter in any shape of your choice is another way to decorate the garden in a simple yet elegant style.   

2. Wall painting on the garden wall

Display your love for Indian art and decorate the garden wall with traditional tribal patterns. The simplicity of this art form can be undertaken as a DIY garden project too. All you need is some time and passion for giving your garden a personal touch and a beautiful makeover.

3. Observation deck in the garden

Build an observation deck around a tall tree in your garden and bask in the shade while you look out over the manicured lawn, birds and beautiful plants.

4. Zen garden in the outdoors

A tall statue of Buddha in the middle of flowering plants will create a Zen-like feeling in the garden and add value to it through its elegant simplicity.  

5. Signature sculpture in the garden

Install a metal sculpture in the middle of the landscape of your garden to make a signature statement with its grandeur. Customise the sculpture depending on the size of your garden or rely on the decision of the landscape architect. They know the best.

6. Step-well in the garden

Take inspiration from the past and build a regal step-well right in the middle of your garden. Undoubtedly it will become the centre of attraction of your outdoor area. Create beautiful patterns in the pond or the step-well using coloured mosaic tiles to enjoy the sparkle amidst the greenery. 

7. Fountain in the garden

Tropischer Garten von homify Tropisch

It’s the most simple and common way to decorate the garden, and there are lots of options available. You can also build a fountain in the stone garden or choose a majestic or straightforward waterbody to suit the size of your garden.

Another example of a simple and elegant fountain

8. Swings in the garden

Rustikaler Garten von Grecor Rustikal

Enjoy the beauty of your garden from mid-air. A couple of bird-feeders that swing in the breeze will also enhance the lovely environment in your garden.

9. Fencing the garden in a stylish way

Although fencing the garden seems insignificant, sometimes a beautiful fence that sets the limit of the garden or the outdoor area has a significant impact on its beauty. Instead of having an ordinary fence, how about showing your creativity and installing an artistic boundary to adorn the garden.

10. Outdoor furniture for the garden

Beautiful outdoor furniture can decorate the garden effortlessly. Logs of wood restored without losing their natural charm will surely look appealing in any garden. However, you can choose furniture to match your preferred style to create a unique look for your green space. 

Get more ideas for garden furniture from these 7 outdoor and terrace seating ideas for Indian homes.

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