Interior design ideas for small studio apartments

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Nowadays, youngsters who migrate to large cities in search of better opportunities or for the fulfilment of their dreams are not averse to investing in tiny apartments as their first home. Often, these are studio apartments comprising of a bedroom, kitchen, dining area and in some cases a couple of balconies. The challenge of interior design for small studio apartments lies in incorporating simple furniture and minimal furnishing to make the home comfortable and livable.

As money is usually scarce during the initial years of starting work, most homeowners stick to basics such as curtains and affordable furniture when it comes to doing up the apartment. However, staying in a small apartment or being limited by a budget does not mean that one should compromise on comfort and beauty. Today, we present some smart design ideas by our interior decorators to make studio apartments functional, cosy and charming. 

1. A traditional partition between the living area and bedroom

When space is limited, and some areas need to be kept out of view, then walls are not the only alternative. The open floor plan brings a feeling of spaciousness. Here, the carved wooden partition maintains privacy in the bedroom. It’s an excellent example of a modern home decorated with traditional elements. 

2. Use minimalist decor

homify Moderne Wohnzimmer

The use of light colours for the walls and decor makes the room look larger than it is, while floor to ceiling curtains give it a luxurious air, besides creating the illusion of a higher ceiling. Minimalist living areas should not compromise on comfort and low sofas with plush upholstery that match the room's colour theme work well to create the desired effect.

3. Effective utilisation of vertical space

Here, vertical space has been smartly used to design a loft that houses the bedroom. Instead of separating the living area horizontally and creating cramped areas between separators, this layout provides ample breathing space and comfort.

4. Smart kitchen storage

The slim panel between the wash area and breakfast bar creates subtle privacy between the living area and the kitchen without compromising on space. Open shelves above the counter make it easy to stack daily use items while covered storage can hide away the clutter.

5. Study cum work area against the wall

As space is at a premium in studio apartments, innovative furniture ideas help to save space. A slim study desk like this one, which is detachable and mobile, comes with the advantage of being easy to shift to any area of the house or even the balcony.

6. A smart combination of lighting options

Clever use of lighting divides the kitchen and dining area from the rest of the house. The row of built-in ceiling lights in the kitchen and an attractive hanging lampshade in the adjacent dining area visually highlight the different living spaces in the open plan.

7. All in one suite

When your entire apartment comprises just a few square metres, then innovative thinking is needed to make it functional. Often, a room which combines the living, dining and sleeping quarters looks chaotic and messy, but here, the experts have created three neat sections. The layout makes all the areas appear spacious without compromising on essentials like furniture and decorative items, which smartly adorn the walls as floor space is scarce.

8. A corner kitchen

When space is limited, display your creativity by using up every available inch on the wall for storage and electric kitchen appliances like in this studio. The cupboards around workspace make it easy to access things, while the breakfast bar on the side can double up as a dining area or bar counter when you are entertaining.

9. Balcony work station

Who doesn’t love a view when working? With more and more companies permitting work from home options, a home office should be included in the home’s layout. A balcony enclosed with sliding glass windows with blinds works perfectly. The curtains can be closed if the sunlight gets fierce. This way, you can have a great view of the outside world while working, while also enjoying privacy as the area is cut off from the central part of the house.

10. Effective space planning

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The arrangement of furniture and storage space is critical for effective use of space in a studio apartment, and this layout shows how space planning can make the difference. The walls serve multiple purposes, including partition,  decoration and storage. The kitchen backsplash creates a beautiful backdrop that adds depth and makes the area feel wide and spacious. The combination of open and closed shelves presents the perfect opportunity to display or hide away things as needed.

Here are more ideas of one-room apartments to inspire you.

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