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6 Suprising things you always forget to clean in the kitchen!

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Kitchen cleaning is usually a task dreaded by many people. It is something that should, however, be done at least once a year where the entire house is cleaned from top to bottom. This means cleaning out corners that are usually forgotten and areas that aren't thought of when performing the regular cleaning of the home. In a clean house, things are organised and more accessible which means that it will be faster and easier to sort through things in storage and find what was being looked for. Also, it has been proven that living in a clean home helps concentration and the overall mood of people. This makes sense because sitting down to eat dinner or to watch a movie won't be as pleasant when surrounded with rubbish or objects strewn all across the room. There are a few spots that are often forgotten on the list of things to clean whether it is for the spring cleaning or the regular one. The following ideabook can shed light on the areas that sometimes aren't included in the list for the kitchen.

All knobs and handles

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If there is one tiny unsuspected spot that sees a lot of action, it's door knobs and door handles. Without really thinking about it, it is easy to forget how much a knob can be used in a single day. In the kitchen, there is a risk of crossed contamination for the door handles. To illustrate this notion here is an example of how door knobs can harvest tons of harmful bacteria. It is a known fact that chicken can carry salmonella when raw. The best way to kill salmonella is by cooking the meat, however before the cooking process the meat must be prepared. While cutting up a piece of chicken, a person will pull out the drawers or a cupboard door to grab something out of it. By doing so, the salmonella can be transferred from the raw meat to the door knobs, therefore making crossed comtamination. Including  the door knobs and handles in the regular cleaning process is the best way to keep a hygienic kitchen.

Kitchen appliances

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Other items that should be cleaned once in awhile are the kitchen appliances. As mentioned earlier, the door handles and knobs of these appliances should get a cleaning and their doors should too. The oven, the dishwasher and the refrigerator should be wiped with an antibacterial soap or cleaning agent a few times a year to keep them clean and maintain them in working order. The oven requires a cleaning at least once or twice a year to get rid of all the residual burnt food and oils that accumulate in the oven over time. 

Another important appliance that should be kept clean is the fridge by emptying it to wipe down every shelf and rack inside. The reason for this is that sometimes things are spilled and little accidents happen while reaching inside the refrigerator for some food. 

Coffee maker

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COPPER COFFEE – Dripper – Pour Over Coffee Stand, Drip Coffee Stand


Onto another forgotten piece of the kitchen: the coffe maker. There is nothing quite as delicious and richly flavourful as coffee. In order to get the most flavour and the best possible taste, the filter and all other pieces of the coffee maker should go through a periodical cleaning. The reason for that is quite simple: when a coffee maker is not cleaned at all, little particles and lime from tap water accumulate inside the mechanism, the tubes and the filter. If too many particles accumulate in a coffe maker, they will change the taste of the coffee being prepared by making it more bitter. 

For coffee lovers around the world, there is nothing worse than drinking a bad coffee in the morning to wake up or at any other moment during the day. Cleaning out the coffee maker once in a while will drastically change the overall taste and flavour of coffee.

The sink area

When it comes to high traffic areas, the kitchen is probably at the top of the list. One space that sees a lot of action is the sink area. There is usually the trash can under the sink or near it, there can also be a water filtering system in that space and naturally, the good old tap and handles. All of these items should be cleaned out regurlarly. It might seem like an unsuspected high bacteria area because the soap used to clean the dishes is always there. However, it is usually the sink that is filled with soapy water, not the handles. 

The same concept of crossed contamination explained earlier, is applied to the handles of the sink. In a kitchen, the water tap is constantly used by all and for every type of purpose so no every hands have been cleaned before touching the handles. Wiping the tap and handles with an antibacterial solution often will prevent any bacteria from proliferating. Cleaning that location is also good for keeping the flu and other viruses at bay since they usually linger in high traffic areas such as the kitchen sink.

Inside the drawers and cupboards

How about including the drawers in the next yearly spring cleaning? The inside of drawers sometimes have crumbs and dirt that accumulate inside them. That is why cleaning out the drawers of any unwanted crumbs is a great way to keep the kitchen clean. Before wiping down the interior of the drawers a good solution for removing dirt is to follow these two easy steps. 

Firstly, empty the drawers of everything they contain. Secondly, take out the vacuum and vacuum away all accumulated crumbs and dirt. It is always better to receive guests and family in a clean kitchen where the drawers aren't  filled with anything else that cutlery and kitchen utensils. The same principle also applies to the inside of cupboards and the kitchen island.

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The range hood

An important houshold appliance is the kitchen's range hood because it will suck in all the smoke created by the stove under it when preparing food. When cooking with oils and food that creates splatter while being heated, there will be a gradual buildup of oil residues and dirt on the inside of the range hood. To avoid unknown drops falling into the food being prepared, making sure that the range hood is cleaned with anti-oil and antibacterial solutions will do wonders for the range hood. Also, keeping the kitchen appliances clean will help them have a longer longevity which means that clean tools can last longer than those that are not. Also, wiping the top part of the hood can remove the dust that piles up during the year because a meal sprinkled with dust might not be as good as one without it.

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