Delightful Two-bedroom Home Interiors in Mumbai

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Delightful Two-bedroom Home Interiors in Mumbai

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von Midas Dezign Minimalistisch
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Well-balanced and simple interiors can be beautiful. When designing a home, one should pay attention to things such as functionality and style. The house should be comfortable, but at the same time, a certain sense of style can help to make one feel proud about displaying the space to friends and family. This charming, simple and stylish home has been completed by Midas Dezigninterior architects from Mumbai.

Grand entrance

The main door for the home has a grill on the door for safety reasons, and it also serves as a beautiful design feature. The simple door is accentuated by the nameplate that sits prominently by the side.

Beautiful entryway

A large poster that is reminiscent of nature greets visitors as they walk into the home. A simple yet functional shelf sits to one side of the entryway. It provides a perfect place to store footwear, and it also balances the look of the space.

Stylish sectional

The large sectional sofa helps to provide seating while making the room look well-designed. The colour and the texture of the sofa brighten up the room.

Smart Separator

Smaller spaces need to be designed carefully as everything within them must be balanced. Here, the separator is perfect as the white complements the rustic wood. Plus, the lighting in the form of hanging bulbs adds just the right amount of brightness and contrast.

Balance in size and shape

The living room looks comfortable and well-designed. The simple sectional sofa is accompanied by small pouffes in the same colour. The centre table is adequate and stylish enough for the space.

Lovely Dining Table

The fabric for the chairs in the dining area is the same as that used in the living room. It gives the room a softer and a more balanced appearance. While the room is small, putting it together in a coordinated fashion gives it a charming look. Simple decals on the wall add extra pizazz to the room.

Charming Bedroom

This bedroom can double up as a guest room as well. The lovely bed has been custom designed so that it converts into a beautiful and simple sofa when folded. The headboard looks restrictive, but it has a unique and most charming feel. The walls have been given a soft and fresh green tone to complement the neutral shades.

Bright Blue Kitchen

This lovely and modern space houses the kitchen. While the countertop is traditional black granite, the blue contrasts it well. Similarly, for the shelves and cabinets above the counter, the designers have used off-white tones that help to balance the overall look of the room quite well.

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