Serene and modern kitchen design in Mumbai

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Serene and modern kitchen design in Mumbai

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von Küche7 Minimalistisch
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Kitchens are spaces that require considerable thought when one is planning them. It is essential to spend some time working through the design as one needs a functional space that also reflects one’s tastes. Kuche7 are kitchen manufacturers, and they can help to transform a functional space into something comfortable and beautiful. Their kitchens are durable and look great so that if a party spills over into the kitchen, you can proudly display its style.

Elegant presence

von Küche7 Minimalistisch Eisen/Stahl

Usually, there is hesitation in using bolder tones or colours for kitchens for fear that it will overpower the space, making it look cramped. However, consider the above kitchen, and one can see how beautifully coordinated it is. The light sea-blue colours merge with the patterned wall tiles to give it a charming look.

Magnificent doors

von Küche7 Minimalistisch Eisen/Stahl

One of the first things to catch the eye in the kitchen is the spacious look. What follows is the beautiful and ornate looking sliding doors. While it is a smart design, the clever use of space gives the kitchen a roomier appearance. The walls have been given a complete makeover with the patterned tiles. It makes for a sober look, but against the blue, it is quite dramatic and elegant.

Soft Grey Look

von Küche7 Minimalistisch Eisen/Stahl

The small island counter and the cabinets/drawers have been finished in a glossy grey laminate, which works fabulously against the light blue cabinets above. A softer and lighter shade always gives a certain lightness to any décor, and that is what the designers have done here.

Clean Look

von Küche7 Minimalistisch Eisen/Stahl

A closer look at the cabinets and you will notice how the shutters have been designed for a neat appearance. The handleless design is quite trendy these days, and why wouldn’t it be? Considering that it gives a flawless and stylish look to any room, it should be used extensively in homes.

Superb Finish

von Küche7 Minimalistisch Eisen/Stahl

Quartz is increasingly being used for countertops in the kitchen. The sleek look and the fact that it is more durable than granite gives it an edge over the latter material. Here, the designers have used an off-white colour for the counter, which contributes wonderfully towards pulling the entire look of the kitchen together.

Excellent and Functional

von Küche7 Minimalistisch Eisen/Stahl

As you can see the drawers and the shelves have been designed so that they are most effective for the homeowners. The drawers slide smoothly, and the soft-closing feature ensures that they do not bang shut. The slow-release system is most helpful in keeping these drawers working for a long time without damage.

Custom Designs

von Küche7 Minimalistisch Eisen/Stahl

A designer should incorporate the needs of the client into the design. Here, a tall pantry cabinet has been included in the layout to make sure that the homeowners can store things they use quickly and effortlessly. The dishwasher and washing machine have also been given a spot within the design.

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