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How to design the perfect bedroom cupboards

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Bedrooms happen to be one of the main areas in the house. It is where hard days of work conclude, and fresh ones begin. Investing to ensure that the dynamics of the bedroom are just right is never a bad idea. The bedroom plays a significant role in shaping one’s energy for the rest of the day, making it vital that it is more than just a functional room. Bedroom cupboards are essential components that contribute toward the overall appearance and ambience of the room.

Complying with the current trends, the designs of bedroom cupboards have evolved and diversified. With the advancements made on the home interior front, it is possible to pick out cupboard designs that exemplify the personality of the homeowner. To design the perfect cupboard, the homeowner has to consider several factors and elements. To simplify the extensive process, take into consideration the following pointers.

1. The preferred style of bedroom cupboards

Decide upon the style with which you are comfortable when picking out bedroom cupboards. There is a wide array of options available. These include simple and practical cupboard designs, compact models, elaborate designer bedroom cupboards, minimalist designs or modern bedroom cupboard designs. It is essential to find balance in one's style, comfort and necessity. The style of the closet largely depends on the room within which it is placed. Additionally, the lighting of the bedroom plays a significant role in the look of the bedroom.

2. The availability of space for the bedroom cupboard

Firstly, it is essential to assess the space available to place the bedroom cupboard, along with measuring the overall dimensions of the area. For a compact room, sliding door cupboards are ideal, but if you choose to opt for a swing door for the cupboard, it must not be bigger than 2 to 3 feet. The choice of cupboards in bedrooms largely depends on the size of the room within which it is placed. For the children's bedroom, you can opt for a playful design such as the one depicted in the image. Also, be sure to keep in mind the need to use the cupboard design to enhance the overall vibe of the bedroom.

3. The placement of the bedroom cupboard

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Space management and the installation of bedroom cupboards go hand in hand. They are vital to adding balance to design and comfort. Consider the variety of options with which you can experiment. You could make use of the bedroom cupboard as a room divider, or have the cupboard built around the window or headboard. Alternatively, you can make use of a large cupboard for storage. Cupboards that are placed at the headboard not only help save space but also are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

4. The design of the bedroom cupboard

Cupboard designs for bedrooms have developed vastly, catering to diverse needs, comfort, and style. Considering these factors, cupboards for bedrooms can be classified into free-standing cupboards, hinged door cupboards, sliding door cupboards, and walk-in closets.

  • Freestanding cupboards are separate units that are not fixed into the wall and can be moved from one room to another. They usually come in metal, wood or plastic. 
  • Hinged door cupboards are the most common type one comes across. They have a door in the front to access the inside. Usually, these cupboards are customised as per one’s requirement, so they have sufficient space for organising everything one possesses. 
  • Sliding door cupboards are a modern approach to cupboard design. These cupboards have doors that slide from one side to another, to provide access to the shelves and drawers inside of the closet. They are ideal for modern homes as they are excellent for saving space. 
  • A walk-in cupboard is a spare room that is converted into a customised cupboard. The room is installed with hanging rods, shelves and mirrors. While they serve as master bedroom cupboards, they are built generally to accentuate the overall appearance of a luxurious designer bedroom.  

5. The choice of materials for modern bedroom cupboards

Bedroom cupboards comprise two parts, the carcass, which is the inner body, and the shutter, which refers to the outer frame. Each component of the closet is made of different materials. The inner and outer body can be made of plywood, MDF, polyurethane, timber veneer, or coloured laminate. You can choose materials based on cost, maintenance, and design. The interior and exterior of built-in cupboards are continuously evolving due to new dynamic design schemes, innovation, and improvements.

Designing a bedroom with cupboards that add value to the overall elegance and functionality is very important. Careful consideration should be given to the myriad of factors mentioned above to guide you to create the perfect design that you and your family require for comfortable living, besides depicting your sense of style. For the ideal solution, it is crucial to align your needs with feasibility, functionality and cost so that you can design a bedroom cupboard that ticks all boxes. 

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